Friday, April 14, 2006

Her name was Lola...

Well, we finally got Lola. Isn't she precious!!! Every where we go out people stop and ask us about her. We like her, even though she quite hasn't mastered going potty outside yet! But we'll figure that out. Good thing we bought a little carpet cleaner! Lola is pretty well behaved. We keep her in a little gated area in our kitchen when we go out and at night and she's gotten pretty good at staying in and not barking. When we first got her home, we put her behide the gate, but she's so little she could fit right between the bars, so we had to make a few adjustments, and now it works great! The only ones that don't like Lola are Milo and Portia, but they'll warm up! Lola sure loves them. When ever she sees them, her tail starts going a mile a minute and when they run away she chases them! It's pretty funny. We can already tell that the Milo and Portia and getting a little more used to having Lola around.

Other news, my spring break is almost over and Ethan's has just begun! Not fair! Ethan has successfully finished all of his finals and will be getting all A's and B's. What a smarty pants. He is really happy to have a break. And I think really happy to have xBox time.

Oh, other funny pics... the Reddings gave us a jacket for Lola, but it was too big, so we put it on Milo and Portia for fun.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Switzer Falls

Here we are on our way to the lovely Switzer Falls! The Olsens (Walter & Rachel), the Reddings (Heather & Robert) and Ethan and I hiked 4 miles to Switzer falls on April 1st. And that is not an April Fools joke, I did go hiking! It was pretty fun.

I won the prize for slipping into the river the most! By the end of the hike instead of trying to jump from rock to rock to cross the river, I just walked through.

When we finally reached the falls, Robert decided he wasn't quite finished yet so he climbed up even higher (as you can see in the pic). It's a very beautiful hike. When the water goes down we are going to go back and hike and camp by the falls. YEA!!!

Other news... Conference was good to watch. Ethan, Robert, and Walter went to priesthood and when they came back they gave us a full report. They told us that President Hinckley talked about addiction to video games, specifically Halo. Heather, Rachel and I flipped. We went off on the boys saying, we told you so, it looks like you have to play Halo less HA HA HA etc. Well, after our rantings that shouted April Fools! We totally fell for it! And just you guess what Ethan and Walter are doing as I'm writing this blog . . . yup!