Sunday, August 23, 2009

So as mentioned in my previous blog, I took my own vaca with Maddy to Colorado. She really liked the plane ride and did well. She laughed at take-off and landing, looked out the window, and tried really hard to buckle her seat belt on her own.

The first few days I spent with Melissa. And boy did we pack in the activities. On the first day we went to the Colorado Springs Zoo, which was awesome and now my favorite zoo. When you walk in you can feed giraffes, and they are right there, you can even pet them! It was great. Maddy got a souvenir shirt. I thought it was funny.We then went to a friends house for a BBQ and Maddy played with two little girls, Delanie and Savannah. By then end of the day she was soooo tired. Yes those are bags under her eyes.

The next day we walked to the park where we played and went to this huge fountain. It was so cool. We didn't know that Maddy was going to get so wet, so by the end she went white trash and was playing in just a diaper. We then walked back through downtown where we stopped for lunch and Maddy kept trying to crawl on my lap because she was sleepy. She did perk up at the toy shop where she had a hard time picking a stuffed animal, she eventually went with the cat. She was exhausted by the time we got back to my sister's place. We had to keep giving her flowers (which she is obsessed with) to destroy to keep her happy, thus the aftermath in this pic.

After visiting Melissa, I headed down to Arvada to visit Kendra, Catherine, and Chelsea. It was so fun see how everyone was doing and reminiscing of our crazy college days. Ah, youth. We were so excited and chatty that Kendra's little boy Alex had to tell us several times to quiet down. Yeah, he's 4. Ha ha. Maddy loved playing with Alex and Lydia. It was just great!

Maddy has been growing up fast these last few months. She can say so many words, communicate her needs, she's climbing, having tantrums, and she can even say her own name and identify herself. Crazy, I know! Here she is just cracking up at Ethan spinning her ducky in the tub. Sorry for the nudity, I usually am more careful in my filming!

Saturday was a beautiful day and I convinced Ethan that we should go to the Iowa State Fair. It was tiring, but worth it. Maddy loved seeing and naming all the animals. We were in awe of how huge all the animals were. Here is the worlds largest bull, 3,404 lbs. Other pics include the butter sculptures and the 4th place 998 lbs pumpkin. I am a little bummed at the lack of good pics. It was a really crowded day!

Probably my favorite part of the fair was the butterfly house. There was over 5,ooo butterflies. So cool. You just stand there and they just land on you. Here's one on my head and some other cute pics.

Maddy definitely was exhausted by the end of the fair! She got pretty grumpy and practically passed out on the shuttle on the way back to the car.

It was really crazy, but really fun! Now that we've been once we feel like we have a better handle of what's going on, next year we will go crazy... chocolate covered bacon on a stick... you never know... We love the Iowa State Fair!!!

So last week was really rainy and Maddy definitely had a case of cabin fever, so we went to the mall to the children's discovery museum. She had fun playing with the pulleys, the ginormous blocks, etc. But her favorite thing was the 3 way mirror. She giggled, squealed, and just loved it.

Maddy has become such a big girl here she is with her first pig tails. Can you believe it!? She's not our little baby anymore!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Alright, I apologize, it has definitely been too long since my last post! SORRY!!! We've been having fun and enjoying one of the most mild Iowan summers in a long time. Our days are filled with trips to the park, playing in her pool, or just roaming around the neighborhood. Maddy is a crazy walking fool and hates to hold your hand. Which drives me nuts because she just runs off in stores and into the street. Oh, and apparently saying no to her is hilarious. She has gotten so big, she can go down slides on her own, tries to jump, and is trying to climb on things.

It is amazing how much she does learn... I'm shocked at times. Out of no where today she was tired and kept saying, "Sleep, sleep" so I brought her to her room and put her down for her nap. That was a nice heads up! Her favorite word now is probably star, any time she sees one she has to point it out. She's learning new words every day, I don't even know how many words she can say. Here are some highlights.

Here's another Maddy video. She got her first doll, this is her first reaction to it. No worries, she is nicer to the baby now. She likes pointing to the baby's different parts, especially her eyes, and clapping the baby's hands.

Since the last post Zach we celebrated the 4th of July and the home coming of Ethan's brother Zach from his mission in Colorado. Here we are at a Kernels baseball game and Maddy in her wagon (which she loves) waiting for fireworks. At first she was scared of the fireworks, but when Ethan held her and clapped and ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the fireworks she started really enjoying it.

So I had heard of this little "museum" that had animals and kid appropriate displays, so of course we had to go... It wasn't as fabulous as promoted. It had about 3 rooms that Maddy had no interest in. She did like the stuffed animals, she really liked an owl that we had to fight away from her. However I think her favorite part was sitting on Daddy's shoulders and ripping out his hair!!!

Maddy in the past few months has made a friend, Alexa Carney. She always gets excited when she sees her, and even at times gives her hugs and kisses! They are pretty funny together. They fight over toys, steal sippy cups and pacifiers from each other, and mimic each other. They are just too cute. Lex is really good at splashing, which Maddy finds hilarious, so pool time and bath time is very fun and very wet!

More recently I took Maddy to a play place with bounce houses, obstacle course, etc. She was totally over whelmed. I tried to take her into the inflatables, but she just cried. She did however enjoy running around and playing with her new favorite toys... balls!

I know Maddy is the star, but if you're interested, Ethan and I are doing well!

He has finally received his license and is seeing patients like crazy. Eth's dad is even going out of town and he is going to run the office for a couple days!!! He is doing a great job and enjoying it. He often comes home with funny stories, mostly about people accidentally farting when he adjusts them. Man, all that schooling and officially a doctor, all to have people pass gas in your face!

As for me I'm trying to keep up with the 10 week fitness program I have enrolled in. 6 days a week I diet and get my butt kicked at the gym. I still have 4 weeks left, but so far I've lost about 10 lbs, 12 3/4 inches off my whole body, and shaved almost 2 min off my very slow mile!!! I'm fitting into some of my old clothes, so that's encouraging, but I still have a long way to go. Also, I just fixed up some old hand-me-down furniture and trying to clean up a little plastic desk for Maddy.

On Friday Maddy and I head to Colorado to visit Melissa and some of my college friends. I'm really excited. So hopefully next week you'll see a new posting!

Hope you're having a fabulous summer. Love you guys!