Wednesday, April 16, 2008

So life has been busy and I thought I'd update my blog again. I know, can you believe it, I didn't wait a month!

So I've hit 36 weeks and am into my 9th month. I'm feeling pretty good, just scatter brained, tired from troubles sleeping, and nausea every now and then. I'm not to the point where I'm thinking, Get this baby out of me!!!! We'll just have to wait and see for that one. People keep telling me to have my bags packed and ready, she could be here any time... so they got me paranoid enough that now in the corner of our kitchen is a labor bag, diaper bag, and the car seat all ready to go!

After about 6 or 7 hours of delay, Ethan came home after his trip to Iowa. He got to the Iowa airport at about 5 in the morning and got home in CA at 7 pm! He was sure glad to get out of the airport! He brought home all sorts of housing info. The more we look at our house options, the more it looks like we are going to do new construction. The house we really liked is out of the running, we found out that the builder is a little bit shady, and even though its only a few years old, Ethan could see cracking dry wall, loose banisters, and other problems. Sigh! So there is a new development in Marion where we can pick our lot, customize the home, pick our upgrades, there is a duck pond, a park, and a trail that the kids can walk to the brand new elementary school and middle school! So those are pretty awesome perks. We just need to make our final decisions in about 3 or 4 weeks so that it can be built in time for when me move to Iowa. If you'd like to see pics of the development and the insides of some of the homes go to click on virtual tours and then click on Country Club Estates. Here's the contractors sketch of the home. FYI, we'd make changes to the exterior to make it a little cuter. It's 3 bedroom, 2 bath a little over 1500 sqft with a unfinished basement, that once we finish it will add another bedroom, bath and an additional 11oo sqft. So we are getting excited.

Other news, as many of you know my little sister is pregnant and they just found out that she's having a little girl too! Uh, oh... those Archibald genes... the girls are still dominating the family!

Funny story of the day... So today at school I was walking up the stairs (very slowly!) and I had the luck of finding a baggy of pot! So, I was bummed that I found the pot and had to report it, but even more bummed that now I had to go back down the stairs again! Going up and down stairs while preggo, not so much fun. As I was preparing to go to the office, I realized that I didn't have pockets, and I wasn't going to walk around holding a bag of weed, so I threw it in my purse and headed off to the office. As I walked I realized that how weird was I going to look walking into the office and pulling this out of my purse! Oh well... so I got to the office and told the secretary, that I know this looks funny but, here's some pot. She laughed as I told her the story. Then she joked if I wanted to save it for medicinal purposes for labor! Well, she promised not to take it home and to turn it over to the right people. Ahhh... fun times at Whittier High.

Love you guys!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


So Ethan and I are feeling all sorts of different types of pressure these days! I just dropped Ethan off at the airport and he's on his way to Iowa to look at homes, work on mortgages, and go to a seminar with his dad. So while he's excited, he's feelin' the pressure of looking at and quite possibly deciding on a home and dealing with bankers, without me. Oh, and on his way into the airport he told me not to go into labor without him! For the past 2 weeks we've been going back and forth with lenders trying to find a good deal. He also has finals next week, and is finishing his last classes. Out of the classroom and full time in the clinics! On a funny note, Ethan is also on a cleanse diet. He has to only drink shakes, limited protein, and only fresh fruits and veggies. While he's feeling great and lost I think about 10 lbs, he's been sad seeing me eat cookies and uh, to put it delicately... he's been feeling the pressure in the bathroom. According to his pamphlet "Most people today have forgotten what a complete bowel movement entails." HA HA!

Together we have both been dealing with the pressures of budgeting and dealing with the changes that are on the horizon. It's a little nerve racking thinking about student loans, me not earning an income, health insurance, moving, baby, birth, and on and on....

Me personally, my pressure involves work, mental, and physical ordeals!!! So while I'm excited that I only have 3 1/2 weeks of work left, these are a big few weeks. I'm fund raising for my AP students to help pay for the AP test, prepping kids for the AP test, finishing units, finishing labs, planning for the long term sub, figuring maternity leave, disability, and on and on.... Mentally I'm a mess! I stare at my students and completely forget their names, I wanted a subway sandwich for dinner the other day and drove the 3 places that I swear they were located, but they weren't, and today I went to what I thought was a taco bell/pizza hut but wasn't and asked for breadsticks and the lady looked at me like I was crazy, no pizza hut, just a taco bell. I don't even know if my blog even makes sense right now! Finally, boy oh boy, physical pressure. Maddy dropped about 2 weeks ago and has been makin' her way south ever since. I pretty much feel like I have a weight sitting right on my lap. One of my friends at school says I'm officially waddling. Waddling at 34 weeks (soon to be 35), nice! I always thought it was funny how people say preggos go to the bathroom all the time and I wasn't that bad... well now that Maddy is constantly punching and headbutting my bladder (like right now) I fit into that stereotype.

Ah... pressure...

Side note, coolest non-necessary baby item we just bought. In a magazine I get they were highlighting cool new baby thing-ies. I showed Ethan and he said we had to get it, it's just so cool. Here's a pic... It's a baby food dispensing spoon. You put the baby food in the dispenser and you just squirt it out onto the spoon. Sweet.

Well, hope you enjoy the blog. I read it to Ethan and this was his take on it. "Most of it is funny but some of it was boring, just like you." Ah, Ethan! Don't worry, he was joking and does love me.