Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's been busy here... Family reunion, sharing times, various family illnesses, a TB scare (no worries, false alarm), Easter dinner, 5 birthdays, Mothers day, and more. So this is a cop-out blog update. Here's a bunch of videos of our latest activities, reading, singing, rolling over, dancing and more.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

So Ethan came home from the office a few days ago and shared the following...

A new patient came in and while during his patient history talked about all the other chiropractors he had seen. He explained that while he had seen several doctors, there was only one from a long time ago that he liked and helped him the most. All he could remember about him was that he was a little guy with big hands and that he worked downtown on 2nd ave out of his house. Ethan inquired, if he meant a house on 4th ave near brown apartments. The patient then corrected himself and agreed with Ethan. Ethan then explained that that was his grandpa! They both laughed and got a kick out of it. Zmoos Chiropractic has come a long way.

Here's their new sign. Pretty nice upgrade, especially since Ethan's name is on it now. Hooray for job security, right!!!

On the home front Maddy's finally getting over being sick. I spent 3 nights sleeping on a mattress on the floor in her room. She was coughing so bad she'd wake up crying and in a panic. She need to drink a ton and therefore also need multiple diaper changes. She's finally slept through the night the last 2 nights and boy am I grateful! During Maddy's illness I also got sick and am currently on the mend as well. Ethan, who thought he escaped our plague just started coughing yesterday. For now Elliott (with practically no immune system, ha) is still healthy, knock on wood!

Other going ons...

Maddy is in a music class, which she LOVES. I, not being 2, felt it was kinda lame. The songs seemed weird and boring. Of course the class came with a book and cd which Maddy MUST listen to and read at all time (to my torture). I do have to admit, while I do not like the music, she is adorable when she sings it. She memorized the book and it's accompanying songs in the first week.

Maddy continues to be a smarty pants and picked up a few more things. She's actually known her address for a while. One day I made a crown for her and put her name on it. I pointed to each letter, said each one, and said M A D D Y, that spells Maddy. Right there she practiced, and in minutes learned to spell her name. She recognizes and spells it all the time now.

Such a quick learner... except for the potty. Sigh, don't get me started.

Elliott remains hungrier and happier than ever. In one day he'll eat 4 tubs of baby food (the larger size) and 6 or 7, 6oz bottles (up to 42oz a day!). Does that seem like a lot to anyone!? Seriously!