Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I don't get it...

I talk with people about potty training and they say things like... oh I did it over the weekend, oh my child just knew, when he was ready he did it on his own and didn't even have an accident, well it took a week...

WHAT!? I don't get it. It has been a week and a half and we are still struggling. When we are home and maddy's naked... she's a potty rock star. I don't even have to ask, she just runs to the potty any time she needs to. However if she needs to pee at church, shopping, or at story time she doesn't ask to go and just has an accident. I don't get how people can just get it done in a weekend. We'll keep chugging along.

When she made it through the day with no accidents, she got a special prize. She calls her princess Maddy.

Maddy's new fun activity is covering herself with blankets and playing underneath them. She attempted to bring Elliott it in on the fun, but he wasn't a big fan of being covered by a blanket.

Maddy's new favorite show is Super Why (thank you Kendra, I remember you showing it to me in CO). When the super heroes save the day, they do the Hip Hip Hooray dance. Here's Maddy's interpretation of it...

Well, Elliott has been teething for about a month and it's driving us insane. He's got 3 teeth and it looks like more are coming. When drugged up on Tylenol, he is his normal happy self, but as soon as it wears off, watch out! I don't even want to talk about how horrible nights have been. I can't wait for these teeth to just bust through and give us all a break!

I couldn't pass up posting this pic. This kid is too cute! He likes to "help" with laundry. He can't resist toppling the laundry basket. Oh, side note, still no crawling... he's trying so hard!

I just love this picture. It describes Maddy and Elliott's relationship exactly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So after hearing many different methods for potty training, I think I've finally figured Maddy out. I tried letting her drink a ton and letting pee everywhere, but that totally traumatized her. Tried pull ups over underwear, but she didn't like them and if she had just a little pee, she couldn't feel it. So it took about 3 days and we've got a system. I carefully monitor her liquid intake, just at breakfast, snack, etc. Then about 40 min later we take a potty break. If no pee, we try again 15/20 min later. It's been pretty successful, only 1 accident today. She only wears pull ups (underwear helpers) if she naps or at night. I actually saw her squirming today and performing a brief potty dance and ran and made it to the potty. She rarely asks to take a potty break, but she is genuinely happy and excited every time she hears that tinkle! Fortunately, Maddy is well aware of her poops, and every poop has been a hit in the pot and she even asks for a potty break.

Other Maddy news, her artwork is progressing. She draws smiley faces on everything, snakes, vacuums, flowers, etc. She now is drawing noses and "bodies."

Also, she read a book to Elliott. I had to get a pic. Too adorable!

Elliott is a busy, growing boy! In the last week his two bottom teeth have broken through and his dreams of eating more table food is coming true! He is working hard at crawling. He won't sit very long, he'll quickly lean forward, hit all fours, and try to go. He's so close. He is also loving standing. Here's Maddy standing at 10 months and Elliott standing at 9 months. Geez, and we thought Maddy was tall!

Lastly, bath time has gotten out of control in our house. Maddy will say she's diving and just stick her head under the water. Occasionally she'll pull her head out coughing and choking, but she's getting a lot better at holding her breath. Unfortunately, Elliott is now trying the same thing. I just sit by the tub repeatedly pulling him up or trying to keep him from dunking himself. Bath time might just give me a nervous break down!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

So I thought I'd squeeze in one more optimistic blog entry before all that good cheer is gone. Why such a grim outlook? Potty training! It's been a huge struggle. The last few days Maddy has finally been sitting on the potty with the help of stickers, charts, prizes, and m&m motivators. We've been counting down her last few diapers, and tomorrow they will be all gone and it's underwear time. I've got her pumped and cheering... but once reality of soggy pants hits, she might be singing a different tune. I just gotta stay strong!

So back to happy thoughts...

4th of July was mostly great. We enjoyed a BBQ lunch with the Garbetts. It was delicious and fun to spend time with some family friends. Later we headed over to our friends the Hansen's for some more BBQ... again delicious. After eating we crossed the street to meet up with other families from our ward to celebrate our country by blowing up illegal fireworks! We were totally awful parents and kept our kids up until the show (9:30pm). Maddy did really great playing with the kids, chasing lighting bugs, and playing with sparklers. Elliott just hung out in a haze half awake, half asleep. Then once the fireworks started, they FREAKED!!!! Elliott was holding on for dear life while maddy curled up in fetal position in Ethan's lap saying, "Fireworks are scarey, I wanna go home." So we packed up and headed out. Geez, can't invite those dang Zmoos' anywhere!

In everyday going ons, Maddy loves "cooking" aka stirring things. Every day she asks to make cookies. So I give her a bowl of flour, water, and food coloring. She'll sit and stir and laugh.

Elliott has been spending quite a bit of time on the floor. He's trying to figure out crawling. He's getting close!!!

I call this series... ready, set, D'oh!

Sunday, July 03, 2011

I know if you read my blog you think we live in a land of rainbows, lollipops, unicorns, and candy. Most of the time my kiddos are adorable, as seen below....

I try to keep a positive outlook on life, although Ethan might not agree on that fact 100%. He sees me at my not so finest. So I'm going to be brave, like many of my friends who speak freely on their blogs, and I'm going to get these pestering thoughts out of my brain.

Recently I've been torturing myself with the question, why. Not why me, I try not to attend pity parties. More like, why did I do that or why I am I such an idiot. So here are my list of whys...

Why do I wait so long between loads of laundry and have to deal with doing 4 or 5 loads?
Why do I toss and turn at night, torturing myself with tedious thoughts, when I'm exhausted and need to sleep?
Why did I let myself get so fat?
Why am I so psycho about potty train and can't relax about it?
Why am I such a cruddy friend and never email/call the friends and family I love dearly?
Why do I neglect my scripture study?
Why have I reverted back to my shy high school self and find it hard to reach out and make friends here in Iowa?
Why can't I get my grocery bill down?
Why can I never tame my crazy hair?

Why, why, why... The whys continue. I hope I'm not the only crazy person, and that other people are haunted by all these why's in our lives. I'm trying to work on my whys, and be a better person. Live each day better than than the last, right. Let's carpe diem people!