Monday, May 15, 2006

Lola Pictures
For some reason, my pictures didn't load onto the blog, so here they are...
Before bad hair cut awww...
Love Liz.
What's happenin'
Ok, so I finally downloaded our pictures, sooo... here's what's been happening. Ethan's brother Taylor came for a visit. It was really fun to have him. He is hillarious! We were able to spend some time together before he goes on his mission. At the end of the month he reports to the MTC to prepare to go to the Vancouver Canada Mandarine Chinese speaking. Crazy! While he visited we went to the beach, and took Lola. It was a little chilly, but still worth it. We also went to the Pirates show. It's like Medeivel Times but with pirates and singing. It was pretty cheesy, but we had fun. I also got to participate in a game, I raised the flag! Ooooh Ahhhh.
Other news, Ethan's into his 3rd term at LACC. Everyone says this is the hardest/tedious semester, so he's trying to have a good attitude about it. School for me is pretty good. We have about 5 weeks left. I have to teach "health" AKA show my students pictures of STDs and say be careful or this will be you! My year has gone by pretty well, they are going to hire me back for next year and I'll be adding Biology AP to my class list. It should be pretty fun, but a lot of work. In August the school is sending me to an AP conference is Palos Verdes CA, it should be a great help.
I know what everyone really wants to see, pictures of Lola. So Lola had her first hair cut, let's just say it didn't go too well. She was scared of the clippers and the groomer wasn't too good. So we brought her in for a trim, and she left with a military buzz cut! So... while her hair is growing back I got her a little shirt and Melissa sent a little sweater. It's been about a week and it's starting to look a little better, but she needs more time. Love you guys! Talk with you soon.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crazy California!

Hello all! Things have been going pretty well here. We've got some pics of our camera, but I've haven't loaded them to my computer yet, I'll post another blog once I get those done. Well, let me explain the pic and the blog topic today, Crazy California! So driving home from work the other day, I saw a little house for sale and thought, hummm, small house busy road, no garage, how much could it be? So I called the number posted on the real estate sign. I was pleasantly informed that the house had three bedrooms and had a pool. Guess how much it was... one story... what like 300,000, seems good right, nope, think again. This little house not even in the nicest part of town over a half million dollars! Yup $544,000. YIKES, how does anyone live here! Three cheers for IOWA!!!