Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hello Family and Friends!!! I hope all is well and that everyone has had a good summer! It's almost back to school time. Summer flew by so fast, I can't believe it. I'm still not ready to go back to school for my last year. I got my schedule. I teach 4 regular biology classes and 1 AP class. We'll see how that goes. Ethan is getting ready for his 7th term and working in the clinic. He still has a full load of classes to take along with being in the clinic twice a week. He has to dress in a shirt and tie and wear a white coat! He's sure going to look like a doctor, but I think that's about as close as he gets for now ... just looking like a doctor!

The past week has been pretty crazy and fun. Ethan's family came for a visit. We went down to Carlsbad for a few days. We got to go to the beach, visit family, go to surf shops and see La Jolla. In La Jolla we went to the Birch Aquarium. It was really cool. They had a little news room where you could record "news stories" about environmental issues. As you can see in some of our pics, We didn't take it seriously and just goofed off in front of the camera. We even ate at Marie Calendar pies and ate them on the beach! It was all very pretty. Here are some pics. The hotel we stayed at was nice, except the air conditioner was leaking and making a horrible dripping noise that kept Ethan's mom up at night. But the hotel felt bad and she negotiated a free weekend stay for us! Thanks mom!

After Carlsbad we came back to the lovely Buena Park where we had a BBQ with some of our closest friends, so they could meet Eth's family, and eat pie!!! Heather and I "helped" Karen make 2 apple pies and a cherry pie for everyone. Karen did most of the work, I don't like pie and didn't have any but from what I hear the pies were delicious. Thank you to the Reddings for letting us come in and destroy your home making pies and having 12 people at your place. You are awesome!!!

We then went to Knott's Berry Farm. It was sure hot, but it was bearable. We rode on some great rides, saw some not so great shows :), and ate pie and their famous fried chicken. If you haven't noticed, the Zmoos' like pie!!! Anyway, even Karen went on 2 roller coasters. The last one Silver Bullet did her in for the day. Check her out in the picture!

On our last Vaca day we went to Huntington beach. It was a perfect beach day. All the boys (even dad) went body boarding. Thanks to the Reddings and the Olsens for lending us body boards! I got a few sweet rides in as well. We also saw dolphins, which was awesome, but we didn't get any pics of them. A little boy I was body boarding next too was so cute, he was helping me pick out just the right waves, he said he was a professional body boarder! After the beach we went to Sagan, a Korean restaurant for dinner. Mike got to practice his Korean and boy did we eat. It was very delicious and very hard on a few of our digestive tracts later on! Unfortunately no pie!!!

Thank you to Karen and Mike for a wonderful week, we hope you had as much fun as we did. We love you all!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hello Family and Friends,

I just wasted to let you all know that all is well here in So Cal. Ethan is finally on vacation and we are both very happy!!! On Monday his family comes out for a visit so I'll have some good stories and fun picks next week.

Ethan and I did baby sit for the Olsen's when they went to a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert. It was good. Ethan got to feed her and I "got" to change the diapers. I don't know if that was a fair deal, but whatever works! These pictures are my evidence that Ethan is as excited as I am to have kids (he doesn't like to admit it though)!

I think we did pretty well for the 6 hours we were in charge.

Other fun news, we got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil on our anniversary. We are going with the Reddings and Robert hooked us up with great seats! Yea!!!!

I do have to start back to work! Sigh, it was a very nice summer! I've got meetings the last week of august and school starts Sept 4th.