Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hi family and friends! So here's waz happin'

So last weekend Ethan took his first set of test National Board Exams. 6 tests over a 2 day period, CRAZY!!! Overall, he feels like he did well. I would hope so, he started studying for the test three weeks ago. This last week I basically said good morning to him and when he came home from studying he woke me up to say good night. I missed him, but hey, that's part of being a student. Eth brought me home flowers after the test cause he said that I was so nice about being gone all the time. What a sweetie!!!

On the animal front, we buzzed Lola, she doesn't look so cute anymore but no fleas!!! A little girl in our apt complex said she wasn't very cute and should have long hair. SAD.

School has been interesting lately. For the past two days I had to administer the California high school exit exam to some students. Four hours each day. For a total of 8 hours I've had to sit and watch kids take a test!!! I started going crazy in the last hour. And i had probably the stupidest kid ever. With 20 min left until freedom I hear a click from the back of the room. Dude, this kid took out his camera and took a picture of the cover of the test! Idiot. I had to take his phone, call security, take away his test. GOSH, 20 min till freedom!!!!

Alright I don't know what else to say, and it's getting close to bedtime... so I hope you enjoyed the update. I'll write again soon.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Hello Family and Friends, well a few people have asked me to update my blog, so here we go... Ethan has been studying all day to get ready for boards, he takes his first set of boards (tests) in a couple of weeks!!!! So I've been fiddling around the apt all day and instead of cleaning I thought, I could update the blog.

So it seems like the last time I updated the blog it was July of last year, uh I guess it's been a while. So here's the short version...

Summer school was pretty much torture, I never want to teach math again! Hopefully this summer I'll be able to teach biology.

Went to Yosemite with our friends Heather & Robert Redding and Walter & Rachel Olsen. It was awesome. We climbed Yosemite Falls, rock climbed, did some bike riding, and took a dav to drive to see the Giant Sequoias.

After Yosemite we went to go see the Zmoos' in Iowa. It was pretty cool because not only did we get to go home, but Taylor was there as well. The reason why that is cool is because Taylor is currently on his mission in Vancouver Canada speaking Manderine Chinese. He hurt his knee and came home for a couple weeks to do some P.T. While we were out there we also had the opportunity to go to Nauvoo. I love that temple and the fudge!!!

Back to school!!! I am currently teaching 1 Honors Biology class, 2 Biology classes, and 2 AP Biology classes. My classes are pretty good. My 6th period class is torture though, unfortunately I have a few kids that think they are totaly thugs, sigh, what can you do! But I do have some kids that just crack me up! They save the day.

We did take one weekend in September to go rock climbing in Joshua Tree. It was fun. We are so lucky to have friends that do cool stuff and let us tag along. Oops, I didn't rotate Eth's picture.

Uh, besides Halloween, nothing about October sticks out! For Halloween Ethan dressed up like Radioactive Man (from the Simpsons) and I dressed up like a witch. My favorite costume was my friend Robert, he dressed up like Nacho Libre! Awesome!

This Thanksgiving was our first Thanksgiving alone at home. I made a pretty killer dinner except the stuffing, it was so bad Lola (our doggie) wouldn't even eat it.

Christmas was great, we went home to New Jersey!!! It was so good to see family again, it had been such a long time. Lola came too! It is actually cheaper to fly with your dog than to keep it in a kennel, crazy. We were able to spend some time in NYC, the city is so cool Christmas time with all of the decorations.

2007 So Far
So far this year nothing too big happening. We got to go see Wicked at the Pantages theater, AWESOME!!!! Very different from the book. The politics at school have gotten a little obnoxious. A few people in my department have some shady teaching techniques, basically they show the kids the test in advance and then boast that their students get the highest test scores! UH, it makes me sick. Oh yea, and basically everyone I know that is married is pregnant or just had a kid, seriously! Everyone is asking when I'm going to catch up, give me sometime guys, Ethan is still in school! Speaking of school, Ethan is learning different adjustments. He's doing pretty well. It looks like the Zmoos Chiropractic will be in good hands, wink wink!

Alrighty guys, I think that's everything so far! I'll try to be better at keeping up the blog, hopefully more often than once every 9 months.