Sunday, May 08, 2011

It was a great week!

Thursday we took a trip to Pella for the Tulip Festival. We watched the parade, did kid crafts, and tried our best to keep Maddy from picking every tulip she saw. The day was beautiful and we got sprinkled on only once! Maddy and Elliott did really well and were exhausted by the time we were finished.

(sorry sideways)

Saturday was Maddy's birthday. I can't believe she is 3! The party was great. We painted, crafted, read a book, and ate cookies and cake. The party was ladybug themed which Maddy loved. I was completely crazy and made hats, decorations, pin the dot on the lady bug, banners, and a ladybug cake all for a one hour party! Ha! It was quite an emotional rollercoaster for Maddy. Happy to have candles, sad to blow them out... Happy to get a bike, sad when she couldn't pedal... etc. She got lots of great gifts. We gave her a ballerina tutu and as soon as she saw it she had to put it on. Thus the tutu on the trampoline and bike! We loved all 60 minutes and it was over too quick. It was really sad to take down all the decorations, thinking that Maddy was 3 and growing older by the minute. We love you Maddy!

And today is Mothers day! Happy Mothers Day!