Saturday, September 25, 2010

Normally my blog is basically about Maddy, which is all most people care about. I know she's cute and funny. But I thought that I'd catch everyone up Eth and I as well. Not as interesting or adorable, but we do exist!

Me... So I'm still pregnant and have become a little paranoid/nutty. When Maddy was born my water broke and I was induced, so I never experienced a "normal" labor. So after a paranoid trip to the hospital, a day of contractions, and aching etc. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I've calmed down, mostly. But I seriously think I might be driving Eth nuts. I've also started doing daycare for my friends, neighbor. His name is Ethan, which is weird. Especially when I talk about how Ethan drools or I changed Ethan's diaper. He is now officially called Little Ethan. Also, I've turned 29...not 30! I received a few you're old and 30 cards. I said I'd save them and read them next year. Ethan, thinking he was clever, put 2 packages of candles (48) on my cake. The flame was so bright the flash didn't go off, thus the burry-ness. I got all the candles but 3. I blame it on my pregnancy induced diminished lung capacity. Today I actually had my baby shower. It was very nice (Thank you Vicky). We had a delicious lunch, tasty cupcakes, games, and presents. It was so nice to have some girl time! Too bad we all forgot cameras and didn't take a single picture. HA HA! In other randomness, I also saw a pretty sunset, so I got my fancy camera and took some pics.

Random picture insert... Maddy and Ethan at the park discovering acorns.

Ethan... is absolutely amazing! Since I've been prego and tired he has picked up the slack. Thank you, sooooo much. After working hard all day he'll come home and take over Maddy duties so I can put up my swollen feet. I had a dream one night that he was Spiderman... so he's officially my super hero. Eth had his birthday too. Now he actually 30 and old! JK! Sadly, due to a totally lame wife, there was no big birthday celebration. Just birthday pie... but it was delicious! He's enjoyed his birthday gift... Halo. Which I give him no grief for playing since he helps me so much, he deserves some quality time blowing stuff up!

Random picture insert... Maddy at the library after story time and at the mall riding the carousel.

And lastly Maddy, she's doing great. Well, besides the fact that she's gotten some separation anxiety and will not go to bed unless one of us is in the room. We're working on it! It doesn't help that she's discovered how to open round door knobs now!! Anyway, since there's always tons to say about Maddy, I thought I condense it up for you. So Maddy's top ten new funny things...

10. When Maddy's mad/frustrated she says, "Da Da Da Da Da" then screams, so now I have a warning before she goes toddler crazy.
9. She likes to "read" her shirts. (Eth has taught her what her shirts say)

8. She impersonates Little Ethan and mimic what he says, the exact way he says it.
7. She'll pinch her nose and talk to you, then crack up.
6. Every morning she'll say, "Good Morning, Buenos Dias." (she has also learned the colors en espanol).
5. She is obsessed with babies. She tries to pet strangers babies and say, "Pretty Baby." And has baby dolls she must be able to find at all times. (sorry I couldn't fix the rotation on the pic)
4. She is in an "I like..." phase. She got new shoes and would say over and over she liked them. At a ward party she got cotton candy for the first time. The whole drive home she said, "I like cotton candy."
3. Every morning she talks loudly in her sleep before she wakes up. We can hear/understand it clearly from our room. This morning she was talking about her shoes.
2. On a lullaby cd there is an instrumental song that she every time she hears in she sings her own word saying "Jesus... Jeeeesus... Jesus..." over and over.
1. After baths and showers she will run to a mirror, while naked, and check out her butt. She'll dance and run infront of the mirror and look at her butt and laugh.

Oh Maddy, we love you! And we love you too friends and family. Hope all is well.