Thursday, June 05, 2008

Well Maddy is officially a month, I think... How do you count it 4 weeks? June 7th? I don't know!

She is definitely getting bigger! Newborn clothes and diapers are getting tight, but 0-3 mon are a little big. I put her in some pants today and when I picked her up, they fell right off! She's a pretty good baby, but she recently she has been having day time sleep issues. She just will not sleep! She'll wake up around 7am, and then for the rest of the day sleeping only 10 or 20 min here or there until the evening. She usually goes to sleep around 9:30 and will wake up once at night. So in some ways its good and in other ways not so good!

She has some quirks...
1- When she's falling asleep, she smiles and giggles
2- She already loves baths, she fell asleep in the tub a few times
3- She fights falling asleep (not a good sign)
4- She really likes sitting up, she falls asleep sitting up while you pat her back
5- She loves being bounced and "tossed"
6- When in a good mood she will play with her toy and look at her picture book
As far as things go for me...
I have had a little of the baby blues. But I'm feeling better, Ethan and my Mom were a great help. Physically I feel well, I went bike riding on Memorial Day with some friends, they thought I was crazy. Unfortunately the weight loss has slowed down! Bummer! With Maddy awake most of the day (aka tired and cranky) it's hard to get out and exercise or even shower! I'm amazed I'm blogging right now, but it did take a couple of hours though.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

For your viewing enjoyment, a slide show put together by Ethan.  If you can't view it, you can go to youtube and search Madeline Rae, and it should come up!

Love you all!