Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ok, so I was totally lame and did not get any Thanksgiving pictures.  We had a marvelous meal made by my mother in law, Karen, and my sister in law, Abbey.  After the food digested we were just hanging around and Abbey convinced Karen and I to go black Friday shopping at Walmart.  I'd never been black friday shopping and thought it'd be hilarious to see the crazy people at Walmart.  I expected people throwing some elbows or crazy fights over Elmo's... but nada.  Everyone was nice and were chatting us up.  It was so chill, we even bought some bananas for next mornings breakfast.

As soon as Thanksgiving ended we started Christmas baking.  Maddy asks to make cookies everyday.  She loves to mix, bake, sprinkle... she wants to do it all.  We made practice 2D gingerbread houses before we upgraded to a 3D version.  We are gearing up to make all sorts of goodies for her preschool teacher Ms. Janey, who she absolutely adores.

As the count down to Christmas continues, we gave into social pressure and got an Elf on the Shelf.  Maddy named ours happy.  Here he is one day perched  on the gingerbread house Ethan and I tag teamed in our annual semi-competitive gingerbread house build off with our friends the Stangers.  Maddy now loves elves and talks with Happy everyday.  She found this hat amongst the decorations, put it on, and called herself Maddy the Elf.

Elliott is still our perfect little man.  He's sweet, happy, cuddly, and sleeping better nowadays.  He has become obsessed with our phones and if he sees them he will fight you until you give in and let him play.  He's walking like a pro and fast as lightning. 
 Just when you think the holidays couldn't get any busier...  Karen volunteered to host a fundraiser for  a local politician with Ann Romney as a guest speaker.  We baked, decorated, and prepped for hours.  It paid off!  Ann was great and we sure looked classy when ABC, CNN, FOX, and the Washington Post showed up.  Ann shared stories about Mitt, they were funny, sweet, inspiring, and uplifting.  I enjoyed the opportunity to see her speak and say hi.  My father in law Mike did have to kick out one reporter who apparently is known to be disrespectful.  He left without a scene, phew!
 Most recently, Maddy had her preschool Christmas program.  It was a perfect 15 minute presentation!  Maddy did a wonderful job singing and staying in her spot.  I was relieved Maddy was so well behaved.  I posted videos of each of their songs... apparently the little girl next to her was having a bad night!  Of course we had to get a pic with her favorite, best friend teacher, Ms. Janey.

BTW... disclaimer, we are going to send our christmas cards, I promise... we've had some delays with photos, but no worries you'll get a card with adorable kid pictures eventually.

Merry Christmas.  We love you!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

This edition of life made EZ is brought to you by the letter S...

Smile...  Maddy had her school pictures taken.  Our little girl is so grown up and too darn cute.  Preschool is awesome and Maddy comes home after every class with a new song to sing.  They also had a pretty sweet halloween party.  Maddy got a pumpkin bucket, toys, candy, and played fun games... she was a fan.

Splash...  My kiddos are seriously water lovers.  Their favorite part of the day may be night time baths, or morning showers, or washing hands, or even the toilet.

Sunny...  We had some beautiful weather in October so we ventured out to Bloomsbury Farm twice!  This place is seriously awesome, except the cost, that is definitely not awesome.  Giant jumping pillow, pumpkin cannon, slides, animals, corn bin, hay ride...  Elliott was not a fan of the train ride, he held on to me for dear life!  Maddy still asks to go to the farm.

Shopping...  So my mother in law, Karen, is amazing!!!!  She took my sister in law, Abbey and I, to the Mall of America for 3 days of all things girlie.  Shopping, restaurants, Footloose... it was great.  Abbey convinced me to buy some skinny jeans/jeggings (on sale $15, woohooo) and I'm converted.  I've bought 2 more pairs!  Over the last year I've lost about 25 lbs and felt bummed because I didn't feel like it showed...  Duh, I didn't buy new flattering clothes!  So now I'm looking more stylish  and feeling better about how I look... Thank you Abbey.  Maybe now that I look presentable Ethan can take me on a date!!!

Skills... So my cake decorating skills continue to improve.  I make a baby cake for a baby shower for a girl in my ward.  It was a hit and made everyone giggle.  There was enough cake to bring the head home to her family.  Morbidly delicious!  Abbey came over a couple weeks later and we make a golf themed cake for Taylor.  I was a little worried because the cake seemed crumbly, but it turned out great and apparently super delicious!

Spooky...  Halloween was great!  We went down to Nauvoo with Ethan's family.  Ethan and I finally got to enjoy the temple and then hit the town for their pumpkin walk.  Maddy searched the streets for the smallest pumpkin, she's been obsessed with small pumpkins due to her fav book, the littlest pumpkin.  Of course we had to stop and listen to the bands, Maddy likes to rock!  It was a lot of fun.

Spooky continued...  Our ward had a Halloween party.  Maddy got her face painted and played games.  Elliott endured wearing the costume another day.  For the adults, we had a chili cook off, which I WON!!!!  Oh and I had to throw in this pic of Maddy when she wore the giraffe costume!

Sweet...  When Halloween night finally came, Maddy didn't even want to put her costume on.  Then the trick or treaters started showing up.  When Maddy saw what trick or treating was, she was begging to get going!  Luckily is wasn't too cold outside and we all dolled up and started knocking doors.  While out in the neighborhood we caught up with our cute little witch neighbor friend Charlie and trick or treated together.  They had so much fun, it was great.  When we finished, we checked out her haul and she was pleased!  She loved it so much she will still wish me a happy Halloween and ask to go trick or treating.

Steps...  So Elliott is really wanting to walk.  He's just building up confidence.  Slowly but surely he has gone from walking holding hands, walking from person to person, and now he walking to furniture and toys.

Sleep... So we've been a little sleep deprived here, thus my lack of posting.  The last month Elliott has had really troubles sleeping and with diarrhea.  We assumed it was teething, but after 3 weeks of diarrhea and no teeth I finally deduced that it was the milk we started feeding him.  Apparently his guts are not a fan of whole milk.  So we switched to Almond milk (which Maddy loves) and the diarrhea is gone and he slept through the night last night, therefore so did I!  Hooray.

Three cheers for the letter S!

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Elliott!

Our big, (24 lbs) little man turned one today.  I can't believe it's already been a year!  We had family and close family friends over to celebrate.  Elliott felt a little overwhelmed and was not too into being sung to.

But as soon as he started munching on his own little train, he perked up.  And BTW, yes I made that cake.  It wasn't too difficult... just time consuming.  I've discovered that I really enjoy decorating cakes!  Taylor's birthday is coming up, so Abbey and I might just tag team a cake for him.

Back to the main event...  Maddy refused cake... but ate all the fondant dots off of the cake.  When the dots were gone, she started working on the boarder.

After cake, we enjoyed some play time... 

Then we got to business.  Elliott wasn't too into opening gifts, so Maddy decided to help.  He got some really great toys that he will warm up to, if Maddy let's him play with any of them.  He really loved a musical card my sister Dianna sent him.  He would just keep opening and closing it laughing.  Now I just need to figure out where to put all the new goodies!

Elliott is our sweet little boy.  He is usually smiling, laughing, and playing.  He loves playing outside, in the bathtub, with anything that has wheels, throwing balls and crawling after them, hanging upside down, and much to my chagrin playing in Lola's water bowl and the toilet bowl.  He is very cautious when first trying something, but once he's figured it out that it's fun (stairs, opening cupboards, slides, swings, etc.) you can't stop him from playing.  We expect him to be walking any day now... he took one step on his own today, but in his cautious manner bailed after the one step!  I love his giggles, hugs, and all things that make him our Elliott!