Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's happenin'

So here's the latest on the Zmoos'

Ethan is almost done with midterms in his third trimester. Pretty soon he'll be setting up for adjustments. Next trimester he will actually get to start adjusting. Yippie. So that means he'll be able to fix any aches and pains or... make things worse. We've decided it would be a good investment to get an adjusting table to he can practice for real.

Whittier High
So my first year is almost over, hooray. It's been pretty good. If you didn't know, I will be teaching summer school pre-algebra to incoming freshman. Now that, I'm not looking forward to, nope not so much. Right now I am currently in a Health unit, so that's stuff like relationships, STDs, and HIV. At first I was dreading it, but it's actually been pretty fun. The kids reactions are hillarious! WARNING the follow story contains words related to human reproductive anatomy. So, funny story... we were doing an activity where each student was either a body part or a fluid and they had to match up together and figure out whether or not it was possible to transmit HIV. Part of the assignment was that they needed to match each possible body part with each possible fluid to they had to find different matches. So I was just laughing as a heard a boy say... "I've got vagina, what do you have?" Or "Hey, I need urine." and my favorite, "I've been looking for anus, who's got anus! HA HA, good times.

Portia, Milo, and Lola
So we love our little pets, but unfortunately we've discovered that Milo and Lola have flea. Uhhhh, gross. We've been having to give them flea baths and Milo doesn't like it! We actually had to clip him into his leash and tie him down! Since Portia is so anti-social, she didn't have any fleas.

Other news, Milo and Portia are FAT, yes extreme obesity. We've had to put them diet kitty food. Lola, has been enjoying her toys, her favorite past time is ripping them open and de-stuffing them. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and the living room looks like a winter wonderland. But isn't she soooo cute!

So on Memorial Day our friends Robert and Heather Redding had a huge BBQ. It was lots of fun. By the way, don't worry about Ethan's beverage, he was drinking a caffenated beverage so we joked that he should put it in a brown paper bag!

OK, so one of my professors at BYU once said, the church is perfect, it's the members that are imperfect. So I'd like to apply that to our "interesting" Stake. So the Cypress stake was established 30 years ago, so they had a big 30 year celebration. I just need to vent so here we go... So for the 30 year celebration our stake jad a picnic that was catered and we had to pay to get into because now the young single adults are going to Palmyra so now more people are doing fundraising, then on Sunday we had a 2 hour stake meeting or what was supposed to be 2 hours, we went 20 min over because the meeting started late, we didn't finish the sacrament until 40 min into the meeting, the closing hymn was God be with you till me meet again and when the congration finished the stake choir had to sing the chorus again and finish with an aaaaaaaamen, the closing prayer was FIVE minutes, the air conditioner was broken, our stake commissioned their own hymn (hummm), and to top it off, Ethan was in charge of picking up chairs which took an hour! Whew, ok that's it. The church is still true, out stake just goes a little overboard.

Well, that's about everything. We love you guys and will talk with you soon.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Lola Pictures
For some reason, my pictures didn't load onto the blog, so here they are...
Before bad hair cut awww...
Love Liz.
What's happenin'
Ok, so I finally downloaded our pictures, sooo... here's what's been happening. Ethan's brother Taylor came for a visit. It was really fun to have him. He is hillarious! We were able to spend some time together before he goes on his mission. At the end of the month he reports to the MTC to prepare to go to the Vancouver Canada Mandarine Chinese speaking. Crazy! While he visited we went to the beach, and took Lola. It was a little chilly, but still worth it. We also went to the Pirates show. It's like Medeivel Times but with pirates and singing. It was pretty cheesy, but we had fun. I also got to participate in a game, I raised the flag! Ooooh Ahhhh.
Other news, Ethan's into his 3rd term at LACC. Everyone says this is the hardest/tedious semester, so he's trying to have a good attitude about it. School for me is pretty good. We have about 5 weeks left. I have to teach "health" AKA show my students pictures of STDs and say be careful or this will be you! My year has gone by pretty well, they are going to hire me back for next year and I'll be adding Biology AP to my class list. It should be pretty fun, but a lot of work. In August the school is sending me to an AP conference is Palos Verdes CA, it should be a great help.
I know what everyone really wants to see, pictures of Lola. So Lola had her first hair cut, let's just say it didn't go too well. She was scared of the clippers and the groomer wasn't too good. So we brought her in for a trim, and she left with a military buzz cut! So... while her hair is growing back I got her a little shirt and Melissa sent a little sweater. It's been about a week and it's starting to look a little better, but she needs more time. Love you guys! Talk with you soon.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Crazy California!

Hello all! Things have been going pretty well here. We've got some pics of our camera, but I've haven't loaded them to my computer yet, I'll post another blog once I get those done. Well, let me explain the pic and the blog topic today, Crazy California! So driving home from work the other day, I saw a little house for sale and thought, hummm, small house busy road, no garage, how much could it be? So I called the number posted on the real estate sign. I was pleasantly informed that the house had three bedrooms and had a pool. Guess how much it was... one story... what like 300,000, seems good right, nope, think again. This little house not even in the nicest part of town over a half million dollars! Yup $544,000. YIKES, how does anyone live here! Three cheers for IOWA!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Her name was Lola...

Well, we finally got Lola. Isn't she precious!!! Every where we go out people stop and ask us about her. We like her, even though she quite hasn't mastered going potty outside yet! But we'll figure that out. Good thing we bought a little carpet cleaner! Lola is pretty well behaved. We keep her in a little gated area in our kitchen when we go out and at night and she's gotten pretty good at staying in and not barking. When we first got her home, we put her behide the gate, but she's so little she could fit right between the bars, so we had to make a few adjustments, and now it works great! The only ones that don't like Lola are Milo and Portia, but they'll warm up! Lola sure loves them. When ever she sees them, her tail starts going a mile a minute and when they run away she chases them! It's pretty funny. We can already tell that the Milo and Portia and getting a little more used to having Lola around.

Other news, my spring break is almost over and Ethan's has just begun! Not fair! Ethan has successfully finished all of his finals and will be getting all A's and B's. What a smarty pants. He is really happy to have a break. And I think really happy to have xBox time.

Oh, other funny pics... the Reddings gave us a jacket for Lola, but it was too big, so we put it on Milo and Portia for fun.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Switzer Falls

Here we are on our way to the lovely Switzer Falls! The Olsens (Walter & Rachel), the Reddings (Heather & Robert) and Ethan and I hiked 4 miles to Switzer falls on April 1st. And that is not an April Fools joke, I did go hiking! It was pretty fun.

I won the prize for slipping into the river the most! By the end of the hike instead of trying to jump from rock to rock to cross the river, I just walked through.

When we finally reached the falls, Robert decided he wasn't quite finished yet so he climbed up even higher (as you can see in the pic). It's a very beautiful hike. When the water goes down we are going to go back and hike and camp by the falls. YEA!!!

Other news... Conference was good to watch. Ethan, Robert, and Walter went to priesthood and when they came back they gave us a full report. They told us that President Hinckley talked about addiction to video games, specifically Halo. Heather, Rachel and I flipped. We went off on the boys saying, we told you so, it looks like you have to play Halo less HA HA HA etc. Well, after our rantings that shouted April Fools! We totally fell for it! And just you guess what Ethan and Walter are doing as I'm writing this blog . . . yup!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Well the past few days have been pretty crazy. If you have been watching the news, you have probably heard the students out here in LA County have been protesting the immigration laws. Well, this does include my high school. Some students walked out of class with a purpose and walked the streets of Whittier and some even walked to LA to City Hall to voice their opinion. Those kids I can honestly say I am proud of. The other students that left just to get out of school and cause problems, I am ashamed of. A catholic church in the area even encouraged kids to skip school! So for the past two days our school has been in lock down. Gates closed, classroom doors locked, etc. The pic is of students from Whittier and other local high schools walking down Whittier Blvd right by my school. The news stated that the kids were mostly well behaved. Well if you consider kids running out of class, jumping out of 1st story windows, walking down major highways, vandalizing teachers cars, climbing 8ft fences and being tackled by the Whittier Police in riot gear well behaved, well maybe they'd like to run security at school!

Oh by the way, Ethan was electricuted today and made quite a scene in class. No worries it was just gag gum!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh, here's a picture of Lola!

Hello Family and Friends!

Well we're gonna try to do the blog thing. A few of our friends are doing it, so we thought might as well! But mom and dad don't worry, if our friends jump off a bridge, we won't do that! We just want to make sure we keep our family and friends up to date on what the EZ's are doing.

So... what's happening...

Liz would like me to say something on "our" blog that "we" wanted to start. I'm really enjoying school. It's both challenging and interesting. Some of the professors I have are the same ones my Dad had and one of them was a good friend of my father's. The friends I have made there are a riot. Everyone has a total laid back "So-Cal" attitude when it comes to dealing with money and helping eachother but then during test time everyone is high strung and on the verge of loosing it. It's like being on a constant emotional roller coaster.

Liz and I have enjoyed going out to dinner with friends, the symphony, and eating whole squid at the Chinese buffet. But the biggest news involves the dog we are about to get. I'll let Liz talk about that.

Being a teacher is going pretty good. They've asked me to teach AP Biology next year, so that'll be hard work but lots of fun. My students for the most part are great. The do the most ridiculous things sometimes. The other day I had a student ask me, "what's your maiden name?" I told him it was Archibald, so he responded, "So you're white." I pulled down my sleeve and said, "Yup, I'm pretty white!" Everyone laughed and called him an idiot. When I was done laughing I nicely corrected him by saying, "Oh, do you mean of European decent?" It was a prety good moment.

So, the dog news. Ethan and I talked it over and we've decided that I need something to take care a little more than a kitty. So come spring break, we are getting Lola, a Yorkipoo puppy. It will be work, but I think it will be fun to take her on walks and teach her tricks. YEA!!!

Well, that's probably good for now, we'll update again soon! Love you guys!