Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hello family and friends, I hope all is well. Things here are pretty good. There are only 2 more half days of school left and I'm excited. This summer will be a much needed break. Many of my former students have been coming in and saying how sorry they are that my classroom got broken into. One of my old students heard of my trials and brought be this...

a tie-dyed, rainbow cross lollipop. I like lollipops and all, but this just seems wrong!!!

Even though we've been busy with school, we have still have time for fun. Recently we went to the beach with the Olsens and some other friends from school. It was a perfect day.

Also, since we've been doing Dream Dinners, it's so easy to cook meals, we've been having more friends over for dinner. We had the Reddings and the Olsens over the other day. Apparently, Walter and Rex were really tired.

That's about all that's going on, we'll keep you posted on life. We love you all!