Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The days are flying by and it is shocking to me how quickly our kiddos are growing. Maddy's 3rd birthday is around the corner and is enjoying having a little brother more and more. Elliott is as happy as ever tipping the scales at 19 pounds and has almost out grown his infant car seat. It's bitter sweet to say the least.

Elliott's favorite new toy is his jumper. He LOVES it. He laughs and jumps his heart out. I put it in the pantry so he can be entertained while I cook or do dishes. It actually works out great, because there's so much junk in my pantry he just jumps and stares at everything on the shelves.

Spring is officially here. We've had many rainy days, but the sun has made of few appearances. Of course we had to enjoy it! Elliott enjoyed the swing for the first time.

I tried to find some pics of Maddy and Elliott at the same age where they are in similar poses. I love to see how much alike they are.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Life is still chugging along here. We've been battling cabin fever, but hope is on the horizon! We've had a few beautiful and warm days here and there... we can't wait to get out and play.
In the process of being house bound we've been trying to keep ourselves entertained. Painting, dancing, jumping, trampoline-ing, and rocking out. I think we're going to make it till spring!

Maddy and Elliott are building quite the interesting brother/sister bond. They smile and make each other laugh... but Maddy also drives him nuts!!! Maddy can be very rough with Elliott because she gets so excited to be with him. When we try to calm her down and pull her off of Elliott, she goes into what I call, holding in the crazies. Maddy will literally start shaking and bite her lip trying to contain all her Elliott excitement. Another Maddy development is she's been asking for new diapers, waking at night, and telling us she's peed. Of course she tells us after the fact and refuses to use the potty. But baby steps, right!?

We had a fun Valentines Day. Maddy got a Dora umbrella and could hardly contain her joy. She also enjoyed her first tea party with Grandma. After a few practices the was drinking from her tea cup and could almost pour herself her tea. She's been asking for tea parties ever since.

Elliott has been growing leaps and bounds. He's playing in his exersaucer, getting pretty good at sitting up, and loving solid food. His new favorite pass time is playing with his toes, apparently they are very exciting. He's still a perfect happy little man. Boy do we love him!

In other Zmoos news... Zmoos Chiropractic just got a K laser. And I have to admit its pretty awesome. I've had back pain ever since being preggers and now its gone! Lots of patients really like it and I think Ethan really likes the fact that he can say he has a laser Ha Ha.

Lastly, Grandma Zmoos just turned 80! Family flew in and we partied it up! We love you Grandma and look forward to the many more fun and happy years we get to share together!