Saturday, December 12, 2009

So 18 months have come and gone. The days are flying by, Maddy is growing bigger and bigger by the second. Eth always says that she looks bigger every day when he comes home from work. As far as new developments go...

We had a photo shoot for this years ornament pic, here's a couple that were hilarious, but not ornament worthy!!

Maddy has gotten sick acouple times, and had a really runny nose. I was getting so grossed out pulling boogers out of her hair, or pulling her hair off of her face, I got her hair cut. The place was great, the played a video for Maddy, gave her a balloon, candy, and a certificate. She did pretty well, she just kept trying to see what the lady cutting her hair was doing. What's funny is they take a pic for you, as seen below, but they take it with an original polaroid camera, that's why it looks like a pic from they 70's, because that is film from the 70's! HA HA!!

As seen in my previous post we enjoyed Thanksgiving. Sadly, we didn't have any left overs, so Eth had to indulge in another Turkey leg the next day and graciously shared it with Maddy. As you can see she enjoyed it and kept coming back for more!!!

Also, Maddy has become obsessed with Dora... Thanks Eth!!! She wakes up saying Dora, backpack, and Map. So we had to bribe her with Dora to clip her nails!

It has been cold, to say the least, so Maddy has enjoyed the snow while I shoveled and on the days its been too cold, we went to the mall to enjoy the "toys" there. She was in awe of the snow. She just would say, wow, snow, and stomp!!!

We are so excited for Christmas, Maddy's got some pretty sweet toys we are really excited to give her. Plus, my parents are coming to town!! We can't wait.

Merry Christmas Every One!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving
We had a wonderful gut busting Thanksgiving with Eth's family. It was delicious and fun. Maddy had lots of fun helping us "cook." And while she didn't eat much of the Thanksgiving dinner, we ate while she napped, she really enjoyed grandpa spoiling her with icecream!!!