Sunday, June 27, 2010

Just wanted to say a quick Hi to every one and share some of the cuteness that has occurred since our last post.

Maddy has never had a professional photo shoot so when she turned two, I thought, maybe we should get some official pics of Maddy. Our neighbor Bill Stevens is a photographer (and former classmate of Ethan... and who's daughter, Charlie, is 1 week older Maddy aka Maddy's future BFF) and went on a walk with Maddy and took some great shots. Here are some of our favorites, it was really hard to narrow it down to just these.

I've been getting bigger and bigger and feeling huge. Sleeping through the night is basically impossible! Either I've got to go to the bathroom, some body part falls asleep or cramps, or my back hurts. Isn't being pregnant so wonderful!!! HA HA! This little boy is already very active, can fetus' have ADD!? This kid is movin' and groovin' all the time! Eth can even see my belly shake from accross the room! Here are comparison pics from how I looked with Maddy and how I look now. The Maddy pregnancy is from about 7 months, this pregnancy is at about 6 months. Sadly, I think I look about the same size. I just keep telling myself that this one is measuring bigger than Maddy, that's why I'm so huge... right?!

We've been having crazy thunder storms in the evening. I normally love storms.. but these are so loud at night they wake me up and shake the walls. At least we haven't needed to water the lawn!! Here's one storm blowing in, the colors and the clouds were so different and had to take some pics.

Summer has been getting hotter and hotter, so more and more time is being spent at the pool and in our ducky pool in the back yard. Maddy is even starting swim lessons in July, with future BFF Charlie, hooray. Here Maddy is after some ducky pool time. I had to take the pics because we were lazy and didn't put her in a swim diaper. Maddy got super grumpy once the diaper was full... swim diapers are important, lesson learned.

So a Zmoos family friend, Vicki Garbett, is a fabulous seamstress and made Maddy another dress. Here's her showing it off before church. So cute, I love it. Maddy is also sporting her bracelet and necklace my mom made. She's only 2, but she's already FABULOUS!

Maddy is also "singing" more and more, mostly in the car... which means I can never record it. It's really funny because it's pretty much just talking and extending the words, if that makes sense. But she loves it. She even tried singing a hymn today... she gets an A for effort. Here's a semi ok video of her "singing" her vowels.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Time has kept flying by in the Zmoos house and things are still busy as ever.

Spring quickly came and gone, now the hot humid summer is here! We tried to get Maddy to run and play in the sprinkler... Unfortunately, that resulted in screaming and running away from the cold water in fear. We quickly went inside after that failed attempt!

Maddy's little personality as continued to develop. She's turning into quite the jokester... and a little naughty. She's learned to make a silly face and even played a "joke" on daddy.

Right when we were gearing up to fly to Utah for Taylor and Abby's wedding, Maddy got sick. In the days leading up to "go time", she spent her time being grumpy, achy, and looking like this...

She did however do surprisingly well on the airplane and in the airport. At one point she got really antsy so Eth took her to walk the aisle... she looked up and down the aisle, realized there was nowhere to go and lost it. It was tragically funny!

Sadly we got to Utah and Maddy was still sick. She was a total grump for most of the festivities. The wedding was nothing less than spectacular. But we knew it would be... it's Taylor and Abby!!! I didn't take many pictures because the photographer was great. So here are the few I took.

These are probably my two favorite Maddy pics from the wedding. It completely illustrates what she was feeling... and what we had to endure!!!

After the all the wedding craziness, we took a trip down memory lane and visited BYU. Maddy feel in love with the Y and everywhere we went she shouted "Yay, Y Mountian." We also visited the Museum of Art. After Maddy was done running around and yelling to hear her echo, she got really bored and proceeded to lay down on the benches and declare she was "going to bed."

She finally perked up a little when we stopped at the Creamery. She enjoyed her own icecream cone and I enjoyed my favorite Mint Choco Chip icecream. Ahhh, how I miss that stuff, no other brand compares!On our last day in Utah we went to Thanksgiving Point with quite the entourage in tow. There were Zmoos', and Monson's, and Carney's... Oh my!!! Maddy was starting to feel better and really enjoyed doing kids stuff. We went to the little kid farm and a wading pool. Of course, me being pregnant, exhausted, and forgetful... I didn't pack Maddy's swim suit... oops!Maddy's favorite part was probably the pony ride. As soon as she saw those ponies she started crying "Ride pony, ride pony" as she not so patiently waited her turn. Yeah, she rode 4 times.

We'd like to give a big thank you to the Carney's for coming down to see us and to all the friends and family who helped us during our crazy vacation to Utah! The biggest thank you and I love you goes out to Ethan, for helping out with not only a sick, cranky two year old... but also an exhausted, emotional, pregnant wife. Thank you Eth, you are seriously the best!!!

We (especially Maddy) are very happy to have come home where life has calmed down. Maddy was so happy to be home, after a good night sleep she woke up in a good mood and spent the morning saying hi to her bed, Lola, and various toys around the house. She's now back to her usual routine... wrestling with Daddy, reading books, and drawing!

On the pregnancy front things are going great for me. Besides being tired and having a hard time sleeping, I'm up eating, cooking, and getting things done! Even though he doesn't have a name... little baby boy is doing great. He's extremely active and gave the ultrasoundnographer (?) a run for her money. Here he is at 22 weeks saying hi!