Tuesday, June 06, 2006

What's happenin'

So here's the latest on the Zmoos'

Ethan is almost done with midterms in his third trimester. Pretty soon he'll be setting up for adjustments. Next trimester he will actually get to start adjusting. Yippie. So that means he'll be able to fix any aches and pains or... make things worse. We've decided it would be a good investment to get an adjusting table to he can practice for real.

Whittier High
So my first year is almost over, hooray. It's been pretty good. If you didn't know, I will be teaching summer school pre-algebra to incoming freshman. Now that, I'm not looking forward to, nope not so much. Right now I am currently in a Health unit, so that's stuff like relationships, STDs, and HIV. At first I was dreading it, but it's actually been pretty fun. The kids reactions are hillarious! WARNING the follow story contains words related to human reproductive anatomy. So, funny story... we were doing an activity where each student was either a body part or a fluid and they had to match up together and figure out whether or not it was possible to transmit HIV. Part of the assignment was that they needed to match each possible body part with each possible fluid to they had to find different matches. So I was just laughing as a heard a boy say... "I've got vagina, what do you have?" Or "Hey, I need urine." and my favorite, "I've been looking for anus, who's got anus! HA HA, good times.

Portia, Milo, and Lola
So we love our little pets, but unfortunately we've discovered that Milo and Lola have flea. Uhhhh, gross. We've been having to give them flea baths and Milo doesn't like it! We actually had to clip him into his leash and tie him down! Since Portia is so anti-social, she didn't have any fleas.

Other news, Milo and Portia are FAT, yes extreme obesity. We've had to put them diet kitty food. Lola, has been enjoying her toys, her favorite past time is ripping them open and de-stuffing them. Sometimes we wake up in the morning and the living room looks like a winter wonderland. But isn't she soooo cute!

So on Memorial Day our friends Robert and Heather Redding had a huge BBQ. It was lots of fun. By the way, don't worry about Ethan's beverage, he was drinking a caffenated beverage so we joked that he should put it in a brown paper bag!

OK, so one of my professors at BYU once said, the church is perfect, it's the members that are imperfect. So I'd like to apply that to our "interesting" Stake. So the Cypress stake was established 30 years ago, so they had a big 30 year celebration. I just need to vent so here we go... So for the 30 year celebration our stake jad a picnic that was catered and we had to pay to get into because now the young single adults are going to Palmyra so now more people are doing fundraising, then on Sunday we had a 2 hour stake meeting or what was supposed to be 2 hours, we went 20 min over because the meeting started late, we didn't finish the sacrament until 40 min into the meeting, the closing hymn was God be with you till me meet again and when the congration finished the stake choir had to sing the chorus again and finish with an aaaaaaaamen, the closing prayer was FIVE minutes, the air conditioner was broken, our stake commissioned their own hymn (hummm), and to top it off, Ethan was in charge of picking up chairs which took an hour! Whew, ok that's it. The church is still true, out stake just goes a little overboard.

Well, that's about everything. We love you guys and will talk with you soon.