Thursday, May 22, 2008

As many of you know, it's been a little busy around here. Maddy came 9 days early, but luckily we had all our shopping and prep work done! Literally the day before I bought all the postpartum stuff I needed!

So if any one hasn't heard the details, here's a short outline of the events of May 7th.

3:45 am - Wake up to my water breaking!
6:30 - Arrive at the hospital, 1 cm not feeling contractions
8:30 - Start pitocin
10:30ish - Painful non-stop contractions only 2 cm! Got pain meds, only made me nauseous!
12:00ish - Only 3 cm, request epidural, 3rd in line.
2:00ish - Still in pain, jump to 8 cm anesthesiologist shows up, only to called out for an emergency c-section before he can administer the epidural. No joke, I was pretty upset!
3:00ish - 10 cm, but Maddy was a station 0, aka not ready to come out. Anesthesiologist shows up to give me a quick epidural to help me push.
4:27 - Madeline Rae Zmoos born! 7lbs 5oz 20in Yea!!!
So now she's 2 weeks and adorable. No more umbilical stump and no more jaundice. Here she is sun bathing!

My mom is here and boy am I glad. She cooks, cleans, and takes the baby so I can nap. Probably the hardest thing is breastfeeding! Maddy currently is a sleeper! She'll feed a couple times at 2 hour intervals then conk out for like 3-4 hours. And hallelujah, for now she actually sleeps through the majority of the night. Last night she slept from 11:00 to 4:30! I still have to wake up and pump, but that's no biggie. We are completely blessed!

As for me, I'm tired and sometimes my stitches hurt, but that's about it. I try to get in at least one nap a day, usually during Maddy's long 3 hr nap. Well, since the last time I weighed myself while I was pregnant, I've lost about 17 lbs. which is great, but I've got a lot more to go. So for the time being I'm just learning and trying not to get frustrated as Maddy constantly falls asleep everytime I feed her!

Here are some of my favorite pics.

Thanks to everyone for your love, prayers, and generosity! We couldn't have asked for better friends and family!