Sunday, April 22, 2007

April has been an exciting and busy month! My spring break was a little slow, but afterwards things sped up! We took some time out to go to Disneyland. We always go with our friends Robert and Heather Redding, we got season passes together. Sadly the last time we went Space Mountian wasn't working (my favorite ride!). We'll just have to try again next time! Here are some fun pics we took!

After Ethan's finals he and some of his school buddies went up to Utah to fly fish the Provo River with Zach. It must have been a popular time, if you look really closely at one of the pictures below, there was a fisherman on every river bend!!! After three days of camping and fishing, he came home pretty stinky. Not everyone caught fish, but everyone had fun.

This weekend we got to see one of our favorite comedians, Brian Regan, in Long Beach with our friends Erika and Tyler. Our cheeks were hurting by the end of the night because we were laughing so hard! One of our favorite jokes goes a little something like this... If you have second thoughts about setting time aside to visit an Indian habitation you are having Reservation reservation reservation! HA HA HA!!!

We also got to go whale watching (thank you Karen and Mike). Sadly we didn't see any whales, but they gave us coupons to go back again for another try. We did see some seals, birds, and really nice houses and boats. The crazy thing we did do though was inorder to get to to the boat, we had to ride a ferry to get there. It was the smallest ferry ever, it could only fit three cars!Even though there weren't any whales, it was still a beautiful day out at sea, the sea loins even waved hello to us!

We the coolest thing that happened this week, didn't actually happen to us. On Tuesday, our friends Robert and Heather invited us over to watch American Idol. So we went over and they said they had a surprise in their kitchen, so we walk in and Heather was holding a baby!!! They've been trying to adopt for about a year and a half!!!! Little Rex Ashton Redding was born one week ago April 15th. His mother was hiding the pregnancy and was going to leave the baby in the hospital for social services. But a nurse there knew of the Reddings and talked with the birth mom about their situation. So they called them and they rushed over to the hospital. They were able to witness the birth and take care of him since the moment he was born. He is a sweet little miracle that everyone is just so excited about.

We love you all and hope you are well.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hello Everyone! We wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter. Well, it's spring break for me, but not for Ethan. He's got a few tests and a paper due this week and finals are next week, so spring break is not going to be very exciting, but I guess that's ok.

My last blog was pretty lame, so I hope you enjoy this one a little more. I realized that I forget a lot of the stuff that happens that I want to include in the blog, so I've started writing them down. So here's what's been happening...

Family Happenings:

We recently found out that Kathy and Julius will be stationed in San Diego. Yea!!! So they will be close enough to go visit. San Diego is really nice, so it will be fun to be able to get out of LA and go down there. Also on the Zmoos side, Eth's brother Zach got called on his mission to Denver Colorado South. FUN!!! He's excited and releaved that he doesn't have to learn a new language.

Whittier High School:

I'm happy it's Spring Break, I get to sleep in and relax before the last push of the end of the school year. State testing and AP exams are a little over a month away! The kids aren't feeling the pressure yet, but it's coming! So recently at school my students were working on a review packet, and the room was so quiet that I told the kids that if they kept working so well, I'd put on music. So I put on safe music like the Beatles (which the kids recognized) but I also put on ABBA, Simon and Garfunkle, and James Taylor, which the kids did not recognize. The kept saying, what song is this, what is this music. Geez, that made me feel old!

Last day of school before spring break we have what is called club carnival. All the clubs at school sell food, drinks, etc during an extended lunch to raise money for their clubs. So my co-worker Erika and I decided that we would sell soda and nachos at club carnival to help raise funds for students to pay for their upcoming AP test. We made quite a bit of money. We sold out of nachos and sold almost 1,000 sodas!!! Crazy. Prepping for club carnival was pretty crazy, probably the funniest thing was seeing Erika and I at Sam's club with a flat bed cart buying 1,000 cans of soda! I was in my school clothes (a skirt) and Erika is pregnant. So everyone kept looking at us funny. Ah... what teachers do for their kids!!!

Last school story... so last week we had a "winter storm" aka for 15 min it rain hard outside. My students freaked out!!! And we could hear students outside screaming. I had to actually shut the blinds in my room because the kids kept looking out the window and saying, I can't go out there, what am I going to do!? I just called them wusses and moved on! Ah, California winter!!!

Dream Dinners:

OK, so I love this place called Dream Dinners, you can go to their website to check them out and see if there are any in your area. Basically this place ROCKS!!! Since I come home from school tired and hungry, we usually end up eating poorly or fast food for dinner. One of my co-workers told me about Dream Dinners, I tried it, and loved it. What it is is on the internet, this company has a menu you can choose various dinners from then you schedule a time to go in and make all your dinners. You walk in and it's like a cooking show, there are little stations with all the ingredients for your dinners and you following the directions and combine them into ziplock bags. Then you take them home and freeze them. So in about an hour, I can prepare all the meals that we will be eating for the entire month. AWESOME. This month we get dinners like, chicken marsala, pulled pork, orange chicken, and more good food. So now all I do for dinner is defrost the meal and cook it. I don't have to mix, buy, or find recipies any more! SWEET.

Fun Stuff:

So one of Ethan's friends at school had a sweet hook-up with some Clippers tickets. The boys had lots of fun watching the Clippers play the Rockets. Eth saw Yao Ming, Billy Crystal, and that guy from Mission Impossible, Green Mile, ect. Here are the pictures.