Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Well, my breaking and enter curse continues... I got to school this morning and I was told that my class room was broken into. What seems to have started out as a senior prank, turned into vanadalism, theft, and breaking and entering. Luckily I had brought home my laptop and locked up the projector, but the students did steal my classroom computer with all my grades and attendance and the class turtle. What really upset me is the group of kids that we think did it are all part of a "crew" AOT that tagged their sign all over the outside of the science building and one of those kids is my TA.

When do we get to move to Iowa . . .

Monday, May 28, 2007

Hello again family and friends! It's Memorial Day weekend, so I have some time to update my blog. So here we go . . .

In the past few month, I've known of 4 people to have had babies. OK, Heather and Robert adopted Rex. Heidi and Ben had Teddy. Ethan's cousin Spencer had a little boy Max. And Kendra and Dave had a little girl, Lydia. Crazy!!!! And can you believe it, I still know 4 more pregos!!!! Since so many of my friends are pregnant I actually went to a baby expo a couple weeks ago with my friend Erika. There was some pretty cool stuff, we got massages, free stuff, and signed up for some drawings. I did actually won a prize though!!! I won a free 2 hour organization session. So a woman came over and we through our closets, moved furniture, cleaned out old stuff, and we were able to create more space in our apt. It was pretty cool. The crazy thing about it is the lady that helped me is also in marketing and was launching a new gaming system called the game wave, so she gave us a free one. Its pretty fun. It has games like boggle, trivial pursuit, and yahtzee.

The reason why she gave us the gaming system is that she saw all of our games while organizing us. We have a new game that we are into, Guitar Hero II. It's pretty fun. It's like dance dance revolution, but with a guitar. We thought it was lame when we first heard of it, but when we played it at Walter's we had so much fun!!! Here's some pics of Ethan ROCKING OUT!!

Other things we're upto . . . so our gliding rocker was in need of a make over. So I thought I would just re-upholster it, but when I started taking it apart, I found out why is was so cheap and so uncomfortable! The padding on the inside was pretty skimpy and just kinda thrown in there. So I just used the original as a pattern went to Jo Ann Fabric and went crazy (well $50 crazy). So on Saturday I started sewing and finished up the rocker on Sunday. I think it turned out pretty good. Take a look for your self!

Other developments, so a couple months ago someone tried to steal the scooter and totally destroyed the ignition, on Saturday Ethan got into the sentra and notices that the trunk was open the the back seats were flipped down. Someone broke into the sentra from the trunk, stole some change, the registration, jumper cables, and our road side assistance kit. Fortunately, there was nothing else in the car and they didn't steal the actual car!!! So now we are looking into moving. Sigh, we hate moving! But, you gotta do what ya gotta due. We'll probably have to move some where more expensive, you gotta pay to be in a nicer area and for safety I guess. So a one bedroom in a nicer area is probably gonna cost us $1200 a month. Ahhhh... California.

Well, our Memorial Day weekend has been pretty laid back. Ethan's been kinda sick lately and he's got a test, so we just relaxed. On Friday we went to go see Pirates. It was pretty good, a little long though. It's one of those movies you have to see in the theaters, but it definately not the best movie of the year. Monday was Ethan's pick, so we went to Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. I thought is was ok, Eth really enjoyed it. The coolest thing that I did see, was Di Vinci's Last Supper made toast. I couldn't take a picture of the whole thing but it was pretty big, I couldn't believe it.

Eth's favorite thing was the Chinese guy born with 2 pupils in each eye, uh gross!!!! After the museum Ethan really wanted KFC wings, he was a happy boy.

Well, that's it. Gotta go and enjoy my last few hours of vacation time before it's back to school!