Sunday, May 17, 2009

One... Already!!!

Maddy Day 1... 7lbs 5oz 20inches

Maddy 1 year... 24 lbs 4oz 31inches

So on May 7th Maddy turned one, can you believe it?! I can't!

Here are some Maddy facts...
She is 24lbs 3 oz (she lost weight)and 31 inches. She's in the 95th percentile. She loves to walk. Her favorite thing to do is "run" around on the deck and chase bubbles. Here she is doing it on her birthday.

She also has 8 teeth with a molar on the way. Which have caused many sleepless nights. Maddy was having a hard time. Here she is passed out on the couch.

She loves to look at books and several times a day will empty the book shelf looking at her books.

She can say dog, cat, eyes, and hi. She can also recognize quite a few words. She will also clap when you sing, if you're happy and you know it clap your hands. She can also point out your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. Here's some video evidence, I messed up on one video, I was trying to show the camera the flash cards but missed, duh!

She also has some funny habits. First, she is sitting on your lap and reading she pinch your arm and pull your am hair. Also, she inherited my funny habit of rubbing our feet together and against things, and crossing them.

Anyway, like any parent we can't believe how much Maddy has grown and are so proud.

As Maddy's special day approached I got the house ready and in 2 weeks built a brick patio, retaining wall, put in a flower garden, planted 7 trees, and a small strawberry patch. Yes, I'm crazy, but my parents and aunt and grandma were all driving in and I couldn't have a big hole in my back yard. So here's the patio.

It was great to have so many family and friends together for Maddy's birthday.

We had a BBQ, cake, and presents... oh and fun! Maddy got wonderful gifts like much needed clothes, books, a zebra she can bounce on, a big ball, which she is terrified of, a key board, her favorite a xylophone, and much more.

When it came to cake time, Maddy was exhausted! As you can tell from the video, she wasn't too enthusiastic about the cake. But she ate enough to get wired later on and have diarrhea the next day.

Thank you friends and family for everything. I was such a wonderful birthday. I have tons of pics, but I think this blog is definitely long enough. BTW here's some more blog!!!!

Since her birthday Ethan has taken Boards and feels great and I lucked out at Lenscrafters and when they were adjusting my glasses broke them and I got a new pair for free! They are nicer and even more expensive, sweet!!!!

I just had to include this picture, I know it's kinda grainy, but it's hilarious. Maddy has started eating rice cakes and when she has bitten off enough, she shoves the whole thing in her mouth. Man that's quite a set of chompers she's got there!!!