Saturday, November 10, 2007

I know everyone has been worried, so quick update. I haven't puked in 4 days. But eating is still hard, I'm trying to eat, but according the my bathroom scale, I'm still losing weight. Hopefully that will change soon. I'm really trying to eat, I promise. Maybe this is why I gained weight before I got pregnant.

So I feel the best early in the morning, so that's why this blog is going out at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday. This week has been a pretty crazy week, let's go back to Saturday...

I woke up last Saturday early in the morning and noticed that my see's candy bar wrapper was on the floor. Since Ethan has pilfered my chocolate in the past (even my Valentine's day candy) I thought he ate it. When I joked with him later about it eating more of my candy, he said he didn't do it, then we realized Lola ate it. If you didn't know chocolate is bad for dogs. Well, Lola was acting normal, so we thought she was ok, until Sat night when she started shaking. We did some research on the web and found out that the amt of chocolate she ate was not lethal, but would make her sick for up to 36 hours. She's fine now, but it was scary at the time.

Next crazy moment came on Wed when I was driving to school in the morning and out of no where I puked up the RED juice I had that morning for breakfast all over my new skirt. I stopped at a grocery store and tried to clean myself and the car as best as I could. Then I went to school stained and smelling like puke. It was a great day Oh, and I puked on the drive home too. Fabulous.

Ethan had a test this week, and let's just say one of the study sessions he missed wasn't too productive... I know they took study breaks, but this one is ridiculous Enjoy this you tube video

Next crazy moment... losing things (like my mind). On Thursday I wanted to pick up some food on my way home from school, so I look in my bag and no wallet. UGH Lost wallet, I hate that. All the sudden I start thinking about where could my wallet be? A student took it? Lost in the car? At home? After searching everywhere and not finding it, I was pretty stressed. Then I realized the other day I stopped at Boston Market, I called and they had my wallet. Luckily nothing was taken. I hate that feeling when you lose your wallet. What's even worse it what I lost next. After I finally calmed down about my wallet I looked down and realized my wedding ring was gone. GREAT I've lost enough weight that now my ring is really loose. I started bawling. Finding a wallet is one thing, but a tiny expensive symbol of our love. Was it in the car, school, the house, parking lot? Who knows when it could have fallen off. Ugh, I felt 10 times worse. I called Ethan in a panic . Eventually I found my ring, it slipped right off my finger into my school bag.

Last crazy story of the week . . . Friday morning, I woke up and was playing with Lola and felt a big lump on her back . Ethan and I got concerned, especially since the whole chocolate episode. So off to the vet, she had a fever and the vet thought she could have an infection, so she got a shot and we have to feed her antibiotics for the next few days and hope it goes away.

So that was our week, hopefully it doesn't continue. Pretty crazy, fortunately nothing bad happened.

Love you all.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Hi everyone.

I thought I would update everyone on how we are doing. I recently went to the doctor and the good news is the baby looks great. We actually laughed because the baby was moving around so much. It looked like a little jumping bean. I guess there's a party in the womb, and our baby is rockin' out. Unfortunately it is still hard for me to eat and if I eat a large amount (like a slice of pizza) I usually throw it up. So needless to say I've been losing weight, which concerned the doctor. So here's the deal, if in the next two weeks I don't keep down food and gain weight, they want me to go on bed rest. Bummer! Even better news... (sarcastic) my white blood cell count keeps increasing so they are going to keep doing blood tests and checking it. If it keeps going up, they will want to run tests to see what could be going on. We are hoping that Ill be able to eat, I am trying, but as weird as this is, eating is hard!

Things have just been quiet here. We haven't really done much, especially since I get into bed at about 7 o'clock! I feel bad for poor Ethan, I'm tired, cranky, and moody and we can't go out. Friends are having parties, going out, we even got invited to a movie screening, but can't go... sigh! Eth says it's ok, he's a home body. Someday I'll feel better and we'll have fun again! :)

Anyway, that's life. I know this isn't the most fun blog, but hopefully it will get better (and me too!). We love you all.