Sunday, August 22, 2010

This last week about 18 Zmoos' converged onto Honey Creek Resort at Lake Rathbun. It's a brand new State Park with cabins, boats, bike trails, and tons to do. So we made the 3 hour drive and joined the crew for some celebrating. Maddy did great in the car... although she didn't nap!

Probably the best thing at the Resort was the indoor water park. We spent LOTS of time there, thus the plethora of pictures. Maddy loved it! Even the older "kids" enjoyed it!!! We chilled in the lazy river, went to down water slides, played basketball... We've always know Maddy loved jumping/being thrown in the air, but we've discovered her inner cheerleader. When thrown in the air she kicks her legs straight out. Even the strangers at the pool were laughing at her moves!

We lucked out and on a "cooler" day we went to the Iowa State Fair. Once again I said I'd try something deep fried on a stick, but being tired, hot, and pregnant I opted out of eating hot food and stuck to cold lemonades and ice cream. Maddy got to play in the butterfly tent, see baby animals, and run over and over through the tunnel in the kids garden. By the end (AKA maybe 3 hours), Maddy and I were exhausted and we headed back to the cabin.

The guys went golfing a few times and one day they let me tag along. I enjoyed some peace and quiet... oh and I really enjoyed driving the golf cart and watching the guys searching through weeds for their balls and taking ample mulligans! With the way they play, I think I might join in next time! I did have to include the pic of Mike pulling crab grass off the course, a lawn must be weed free no matter where or when!

We also ventured out and went on bike rides. I, 8 months prego, went on 2 rides. Granted, I did have to walk the tops of 2 of the hills, but that's not bad right!?

One beautiful morning the boys went fishing and then we caught up with them to do some boating and tubing. It was great! Maddy was very nervous at first and freaked out when Eth went out on the tube... but after a while she loosened up and would say, "I like boating!" Dad rented a pontoon so we weren't exactly the fastest boat in the water, but just fast enough!

Maddy has really figured out this sharing thing. One night we were eating ice cream cones and Maddy came over and said, "Momma share." We'd take alternating licks... but when my cone was almost gone, she sat with Eth and said, "Daddy share." This kid might be a little too smart!

On our last night we had dinner at the resort. There was live music outside the restaurant and Maddy couldn't resist going out there and shaking it! Everyone would walk by a just smile and laugh at her. Several times she even got on the floor and kicked her legs in the air. Ha Ha. While Eth was rocking out with Maddy, I was put in charge of picking a dessert for us. Bad idea... I just had to get the cheesecake and the chocolate cake!

Other than bikes, boats, water parks, etc. We spent the rest of our time just goofing around.

I have a ton more pictures, so fam if you want more, just ask! Oh, and if you think, what's wrong with Liz's camera, she looks red in every picture... oh, it's not the camera I was just hot and pregnant! I was a little worried about being able to enjoy the reunion and all the outdoor activities, but it was great and I made it! Hooray for the Zmoos Family Reunion!

Friday, August 13, 2010

So I thought I'd better do a post before we leave for the Zmoos Family Reunion. That way I don't have a write a ginormous post (well, more ginormous than usual) that you'll give up reading because you have a life and can't spend all day on the computer.

As you may know Maddy loves Dora and has picked up a little spanish. Here's her latest spanish achievements!
Maddy has really been into dancing and singing. She loves to sing her primary songs and dance to music. She's very opinionated as to what she will listen and dance to. She'll take my iphone and select specific songs and if a song comes on she doesn't like she says, "No, no music. Different music."

Well, we gave potty training another brief try... third times a charm right?! Nope! Before Maddy turned two, for a few weeks she'd ask to go potty and go. Then she lost interest. So the potty went up in the closet. Then a few months later, Maddy saw it and asked to go potty. Same deal, used it here and there then lost interest. So it's a few months later and Maddy's asked to use the potty again, but still could care less if she pees her pants. So it looks like we'll try again in a few months. Here's Maddy and her potty activities... reading and playing on my iphone.

Maddy is a girl in love with her puppy dog! She'll follow Lola around, hug her, tickle her, give her treats, etc. We had to stop her when she started saying, "Ride Lola!"

In attempts to keep Maddy entertained at Grandma Zmoos' house, we gave her a magnifying lense. She loved it! We had to take a pic, she was too cute. She'd look at toes through the magnifying glass and say, "Wow, big toes!"

So we lucked out and had some humidity free beautiful weather and took Maddy for free music in the park! In between chasing Maddy down when she'd run away, we rocked out to the music. She'd dance and shout, "Rock n' Roll! Dance Party!" She didn't quite understand the meat on a stick, she tried to lick it. And she even showed off that she can now close her eyes without using her fingers.

Ever since swimming lessons Maddy's been living it up in the bath. She lays on her back, tummy, kick, and blow bubbles. Here she is chill-laxing.

With the crazy summer heat and the thunderstorms, we've been trying to hit the parks, indoor play places, and we even tried painting. Maddy enjoyed painting until she realized she started getting messy. Her first master piece was a crocodile.

Lastly, Ethan's been dying to take Maddy fishing. While she liked fishing and touched the blue gill Eth caught, she was way more interested in throwing rocks in the pond. That was until she fell in... she did not like having a wet bottom! Oh and she's in love with her summer hat. She asks to wear it every day now.