Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hi Family and Friends... ok so we're not dead... it's been a very crazy couple of months! As you read you'll see why...

Well... We did have Joyce and her hubby come visit. It was fun to see her after so long. She hasn't changed much, she is still hillarious! Sadly we could only hang out for one evening and they were exhausted from driving and family stuff. But a drowsy Joyce is even more fun.

Funny story... there is an extremely cute and very smart 6 year old we know at church. We usually sit behind their family and they provide good entertainment, sometimes she'll crawl under the pew and come see us. She is already a really good reader, in a fix we can rely on her to read scriptures in Primary! I said she was smart! So Ethan likes to write her notes to make her giggle during sacrament meeting. Please enjoy our last note conversation. I think she had some help from her mom putting us in our place! :)

So it's back to school... sigh... School for me is same old same old. Big classes, some good kids, some bad kids. I think I need to give them a little more time. Ethan is in the clinic twice a week seeing patients. He's doing pretty well. I went to go see him. But the funny thing is you can't call them doctors yet, they are "interns." The school recently had what is called the white coat ceremony. They have a few speakers talk about what wonderful things they are doing and they should be commended for making it this far. They called up all the "future doctors" (a term they used quite frequently) and put their offical white "future doctor" coats on them and gave us a semi-good dinner. The annoying thing was the stage was really dark, so I along with all the other wives couldn't get any really good pics, so here's what I got.

Ethan and I did celebrate birthdays. I'm now 26 and Eth is 27. Are we old farts yet!? Ethan did trick me pretty good on my birthday. We promised each other nothing too big for birthdays. But on my birthday he said, I was naughty, I bought you something... so when we had a few close friends over for cake Ethan walked out with a Mac store bag. I opened the bag and there was an iphone box in there! I kept saying, no you didn't! Which he didn't, there were chocolates inside of the empty box. Our friends with iphones gave him the box to use. (BTW we are taking cash donations so that we can buy iphones! So come christmas we'll be real easy no shopping necessary!)

Recently my parents did come for a visit. We weren't able to do too much, which I'll explain why later. But they did enjoy Knott's berry farm chicken dinner and they were very kind and help clean our apt. Family is so nice. While my parents were here, Ethan hiked Mt. Baldy with Walter and the 10-14 year old scouts. You'll have to talk with him about the bad, but funny things the scouts would do... puking, harrassing the asian hikers, and even the scout that wore his brand new white shoes to hike and was upset the whole time cause his shoes were getting dirty!

Well, if you've read this far, you must truely love us, so you get the best news of the whole blog. I am pregnant, yes, finally Ethan and I are pregnant. Baby Zmoos is due May 16th. We've been talking about baby names for forever. We are pretty set on names, if it is a girl... Madeline Rae Zmoos or if a boy Timothy Ethan Zmoos. But who knows... they could change! Grandma Zmoos commented, Congrats, it only took you 3 years to figure it out! :) Right now I'm 9 weeks along and in the middle of all day nausea, heart burn, fatigue, and excess salivation! GROSS!!! I feel so bad for Ethan and my students. It's not a matter of when I feel sick, it's more like what degree of sickness do I feel. "Luckily" I can make it through the school day ok, my student's know not to mess with me. They ask me everyday, how are you feeling!? By the time 4 or 5 o'clock hits, I'm a mess. I barely even talk. I just try to not throw up. I maybe say 8 sentences to Ethan and sadly it is usually asking him to get me water, a bowl, or ginger ale. He is so nice and wonderful. As I lay in bed trying to relax enough to sleep he reads me Harry Potter, which has been really helpful. I don't know what I'd do with out him. We have been so desperate for relief I went to the clinic for acupuncture. The doctor didn't poke me with any needles, he does like to put pins in pregnant women! So I got some herbals and I wear these little acupressure band aid things. I have noticed I feel a lot better in the morning, the evenings are still bad, but better, I have been dry heaving less. We are counting down the days until the first trimester is over and praying that my nausea will clear up after that. Now... even though I feel like crap, we are very happy and excited to be pregnant. Enjoy our babies first pics.