Saturday, October 08, 2011

Happy Birthday Elliott!

Our big, (24 lbs) little man turned one today.  I can't believe it's already been a year!  We had family and close family friends over to celebrate.  Elliott felt a little overwhelmed and was not too into being sung to.

But as soon as he started munching on his own little train, he perked up.  And BTW, yes I made that cake.  It wasn't too difficult... just time consuming.  I've discovered that I really enjoy decorating cakes!  Taylor's birthday is coming up, so Abbey and I might just tag team a cake for him.

Back to the main event...  Maddy refused cake... but ate all the fondant dots off of the cake.  When the dots were gone, she started working on the boarder.

After cake, we enjoyed some play time... 

Then we got to business.  Elliott wasn't too into opening gifts, so Maddy decided to help.  He got some really great toys that he will warm up to, if Maddy let's him play with any of them.  He really loved a musical card my sister Dianna sent him.  He would just keep opening and closing it laughing.  Now I just need to figure out where to put all the new goodies!

Elliott is our sweet little boy.  He is usually smiling, laughing, and playing.  He loves playing outside, in the bathtub, with anything that has wheels, throwing balls and crawling after them, hanging upside down, and much to my chagrin playing in Lola's water bowl and the toilet bowl.  He is very cautious when first trying something, but once he's figured it out that it's fun (stairs, opening cupboards, slides, swings, etc.) you can't stop him from playing.  We expect him to be walking any day now... he took one step on his own today, but in his cautious manner bailed after the one step!  I love his giggles, hugs, and all things that make him our Elliott! 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

I love fall!! The trees are changing color, and we are enjoying the cool, crisp, sunny weather. Maddy continues to love preschool. We discovered the tears before preschool were due to the anticipation of the puppets Maddy's teacher uses in class. Apparently, Maddy is terrified of puppets. So her teacher got rid of the puppets and we talked with Maddy how the puppets are all gone. Now she jumps out of the car and practically sprints into school.

We had our first school field trip. It was to Allen's Apple Orchard. Maddy got to pick a fresh apple and eat it. She found the machines that wash and shine the apples pretty cool. The bees... not so much. It was interesting to see her listen, answer questions, and follow directions. If only she'd do that at home... ha!

We took our annual October trip to Bart's farm for pony rides and some pumpkin picking. Maddy, for the third year in a row, rode her favorite pony, Princess. She rode like a champ and even got compliments from the workers on how well she rode. She started talking about wanting a pony. We might be in trouble!

It was fun and difficult for Maddy and I to try to pick the perfect pumpkins. They were beautiful. Ethan enjoyed mocking me as I'd trade one pumpkin for another in and out of our wagon, commenting that they all looked the same. They did not look the same!!!!
Maddy eventually found the smallest pumpkin on the farm in the gourd section. She hugs, kisses, and sleeps with her tiny pumpkin.

Poor Elliott is sick and didn't get a pony ride or enjoy the farm too much. I couldn't even get a pic of him smiling. So sad.

If you hadn't noticed, Elliott got his first hair cut. It's so adorable! And yes I put "product" in it and try to spike it up. Ethan says I need practice because apparently there is a wrong way to spike hair and I don't spike it right!

As I mentioned poor little Elliott is sick. Hopefully he can perk up for his 1st birthday on Saturday. Yeah, it's already been a year, I can't believe it! I had to include this pic of him in his sick, vegetative state, playing on my phone!

Expect some adorable birthday pictures of a hopefully healthy, smiling birthday boy soon!!!