Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rae Gun Ramblings

Rae Gun Ramblings

Has the cutest little christmas skirts for girls!!! Check it out, she even doing a give away!!! SWEET!!!

Rae Gun Ramblings: Advent Giveaway Extravaganza Day 3: Guest Giveaway Noggins

So Rachel posted on her blog about this give away, so now I need to post it. There are some totally cute hats... check it out!

Rae Gun Ramblings: Advent Giveaway Extravaganza Day 3: Guest Giveaway Noggins

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Videos
So here are a few more videos... gotta keep grandma happy!!!
So Maddy loves her shape sorter, she loves her shapes. She points them out everywhere and asks me to draw them for her all the time. Crazy kid!!!

So not only can Maddy do shapes, count to 10, and say the alphabet... she can also make the sounds of the letters in the alphabet. I have other videos of her doing it perfectly, but as you watch this video you'll see why Eth wanted me to post this one. Maybe Maddy should be teaching me!!!

I love this one, this is from carving pumpkins! She was really excited at first, but when she touched the gooey innards she wasn't to into it anymore! Another Ethan trait, she doesn't like dirty hands. She say yucky and then scrub, scrub; meaning wash my hands!!!

Lastly Maddy loves music and singing. She dances, conducts, and is starting to "sing" or chime in on songs. Here she is with Ethan, doing one of her favorites.

So time has flown by and Maddy is now a year and a half. Can you believe it!? Man how time flies. She is just so wonderful, we love it! Here is some of what has been going on in the last couple months...

Well Maddy made her first "purchase." She kept climbing on her chairs on the deck, which are not sturdy and tip easy and was freaking me out. So using the money from her piggy jar, she got a chair. She can climb on it all day long!
Maddy is also now getting into stuffed animals. She carries around her cat everywhere and needs it to sleep. While at Target we found, what I thought a big teddy bear. Of course later that week when we went to Sams we found something just a little bigger.
For a while Maddy was saying Pee Pee and Poop and would say potty... so thinking my child is a genious, got her a potty and potty books. For three days she used the potty, then she was done. She still sits on the potty and we read, but she does it for fun, not for functionality!
Besides having a week of cold, rainy weather it has been beautiful here! Today was in the 60's, in November!!!! So we've been enjoying the weather by going to the park. She loves running around, goes down the slide on her own, and is even doing the stairs on her own using the handrails! Here are some of my fav pics... The first one is her yelling "Quack Quack" at the ducks. Everyone was watching and laughing.
Here she is up in a tree. Not only does Maddy look like Ethan, she has inherited some of his quirks...

Last time we were at the park she picked up a stick and started swinging it like a lightsaber and saying schoowa (lightsaber noise). Ethan was so proud! She is definately her fathers daughter!!!


So way back in September; Dave, Dianna, and Lucy came for a visit. It was great!!! Maddy LOVED Lucy. She stills says her name and shows me pics of her. We did some great Iowan activities... farmers market, Amana Colonies, Pork Tenderloins, Iowa Popcorn, and Nauvoo. Sadly we didn't have time to go into the Temple, but we did do some of the touristy stuff. By the end we were all tired. It was great. Thanks Dianna, Dave, and Little Lucy for making it all the way out here!!! These are some of the best pics from Nauvoo.

Oh and for funzies... Here's a rockin' rock band session we had. Maddy enjoyed the drums... every time she sees them she gets excited and says tap, tap.

In the build up to Halloween we carved pumpkins. At first Maddy was into it... but once she saw the sticky guts she was done!! You can see the look on her face, ha ha. There's also a video, I'm working on getting that one posted.

Fortunately Eth's parents came and distracted Maddy so we could finish. My pumpkin is the monster, Eth's is the Mummy. Turned out pretty good!!!

A few days later we had the ward trunk or treat. The games were a little to hard for Maddy, so she got a lolli and her face painted. She LOVES lollipops now. She can even say lollipop and sucker. She met up with her friend Alexa, she was a very scary lady bug!!! I love the first pic...classic

On Halloween Maddy was the cutest giraffe ever! She did fairly well trick or treating. She held her bucket and walked most of the time. But really the liked just looking up at the sky and shouting "Moon! Stars!"

She pulled a nice haul, which we ended up giving away since we had a TON of trick or treaters this year. We did however keep all the lollipops!