Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ok, so I was totally lame and did not get any Thanksgiving pictures.  We had a marvelous meal made by my mother in law, Karen, and my sister in law, Abbey.  After the food digested we were just hanging around and Abbey convinced Karen and I to go black Friday shopping at Walmart.  I'd never been black friday shopping and thought it'd be hilarious to see the crazy people at Walmart.  I expected people throwing some elbows or crazy fights over Elmo's... but nada.  Everyone was nice and were chatting us up.  It was so chill, we even bought some bananas for next mornings breakfast.

As soon as Thanksgiving ended we started Christmas baking.  Maddy asks to make cookies everyday.  She loves to mix, bake, sprinkle... she wants to do it all.  We made practice 2D gingerbread houses before we upgraded to a 3D version.  We are gearing up to make all sorts of goodies for her preschool teacher Ms. Janey, who she absolutely adores.

As the count down to Christmas continues, we gave into social pressure and got an Elf on the Shelf.  Maddy named ours happy.  Here he is one day perched  on the gingerbread house Ethan and I tag teamed in our annual semi-competitive gingerbread house build off with our friends the Stangers.  Maddy now loves elves and talks with Happy everyday.  She found this hat amongst the decorations, put it on, and called herself Maddy the Elf.

Elliott is still our perfect little man.  He's sweet, happy, cuddly, and sleeping better nowadays.  He has become obsessed with our phones and if he sees them he will fight you until you give in and let him play.  He's walking like a pro and fast as lightning. 
 Just when you think the holidays couldn't get any busier...  Karen volunteered to host a fundraiser for  a local politician with Ann Romney as a guest speaker.  We baked, decorated, and prepped for hours.  It paid off!  Ann was great and we sure looked classy when ABC, CNN, FOX, and the Washington Post showed up.  Ann shared stories about Mitt, they were funny, sweet, inspiring, and uplifting.  I enjoyed the opportunity to see her speak and say hi.  My father in law Mike did have to kick out one reporter who apparently is known to be disrespectful.  He left without a scene, phew!
 Most recently, Maddy had her preschool Christmas program.  It was a perfect 15 minute presentation!  Maddy did a wonderful job singing and staying in her spot.  I was relieved Maddy was so well behaved.  I posted videos of each of their songs... apparently the little girl next to her was having a bad night!  Of course we had to get a pic with her favorite, best friend teacher, Ms. Janey.

BTW... disclaimer, we are going to send our christmas cards, I promise... we've had some delays with photos, but no worries you'll get a card with adorable kid pictures eventually.

Merry Christmas.  We love you!


maugers said...

Very cute Liz, I can't believe they sang so many songs for preschool! We can barely do two ;)

Catherine said...

I love this post! Maddy's such a great singer! :) It was so great catching up on the phone with you yesterday. Love you, Liz!